Saturday, May 21, 2011

some music and some random goings-on

I have bought some new music over the last few months. It had been awhile since I'd heard anything that I really liked, but I love The Wailin' Jennys' latest. Especially this song:

I've also been on the hunt for quite awhile now for some good Scripture memory music. So much of it seems to lack in melody, ya know? Anyway, I stumbled across Seeds Family Worship and really like their music a lot! And, it's all Scripture. AND, the kids and I both like it!

The kids already wander around singing these songs, which makes me very happy :)

Completely unrelated, but remember the bear carries I made the girls awhile ago? And I said I'd made Kelby one too, but he wanted nothing to do with it? Well, the other day, he dug it out of the toy box and asked me to put his puppy in it! Yay.
So cute. See, its manly enough, right??

Also, guess where we are going for our tenth anniversary!? (I said this post was random, right?)

We are both SO EXCITED! We booked two nights at the Wine Country Inn and a carriage tour of 3 wineries and a vodka distillery. So cool. This is our first ever anniversary trip. We had zero extra money for so long and I was either pregnant or nursing for 5 consecutive years. I remember one year, we went to Fudrucker's for dinner and were gone for one hour. It may sound lame, but when you have two in diapers at home, even that can be heavenly. I bet many of you can relate :)

Thank you to all of you who voted for my Spring Top!! I suppose we'll know the results soon! Really, though, all the finalists' tops are so lovely and I am still very surprised to have been one of them.

Happy weekend to you all!


  1. What you REALLY need to do, is convince Casey to come up to the Tri-Cities, WA....which is total wine country! And we'll take you to lots of wineries...and not just wineries, but vineyards! And then we'll drive over the border into Oregon, and have some amazing beer! Have a totally fun time. A carriage ride with your man of ten years sounds absolutely fantastic! So are you celebrating early then...since your ann. isn't until Aug?
    We really need to talk on the phone!

  2. Oh yeah...and I really hope your top wins!