Friday, March 25, 2011

little mommies

I got the new book by Liesl Gibson, Oliver + S: Little things to Sew, and OH my goodness, I want to make pretty much everything in there! I had to start somewhere, so I dug in and made these doll carriers for all three kids. They are soooooo cute.
I made Kelby one too, for his doggie (out of cool boy fabric, of course), but he wants nothing to do with it. But, I know if I hadn't made him one, he would have wanted to wear the girls'. Stinker.

The girls wore these to Target and told our check-out guy, "Look, we have bear carriers!" and the guy said, "Are they..."beariers"??? HAHAHA! He and I thought it was pretty funny :)


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  2. I want one!! You need to make like one of everything you make the girls and let me buy it for Taylor lol

  3. SO cute!!! do you get it done? I've decided I have Turtle Syndrome

  4. These are so precious! I know my little girls would love these, especially alongside me with baby in the Ergo.

    Just noticed that I'm on your blog roll--thanks! I'm so flattered! :)