Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Ladybugs and Butterflies and a tutorial

It seems a LOT of my friends are having or have had babies recently! (Before you ask, NO it does not give me the bug, I am quite happy to be moving on :)  But, it does give me an excuse to throw some fun parties! On Sunday we had a little baby shower for my friend Jennica, who is expecting her second baby, first girl, to be named Rebecca. So cute.

This is Jennica :)

Jennica is going for a lady bug and butterfly theme for Rebecca and so I tried to incorporate that into the party. Melissa made these AMAZING jumbo cupcakes, they were sooooo cute.
I and made a "Rebecca" banner...
I wanted to do a different take on Martha Stewart's tissue poms and turn them into butterflies. I sorta winged it (haha, no pun intended) and didn't know how it would go, but they turned out great! I took pics so that I can post a little tutorial here for YOU! yay.

Each butterfly needs between 3 and 5 sheets of tissue paper and one pipe cleaner. That's all!

First, stack your tissue papers and accordion fold them short-ways (hamburger way) like this:
I made the folds about 1.5 to 2 inches. So then when you have this...
...then take your scissors and round the edges like this:
Next, stand your folded strip on end between your thumb and finger like this...
And pinch it flat in the middle. The folds will look a little messy:
Now, take your pipe cleaner and fold it in half:
And slip it over your messily squished tissue paper like this:
Give a couple of twists to both the bottom stub and the top for the antennae. Add a curly-cue to each antenna and then fan out the wings a bit like so...

Lastly, slide your hand gently between the pieces of tissue paper on each wing to separate the layers a bit so they get nice and fluffy like this:
Then make a whole slew of them like this:
...and hang them from the ceiling! I looped sewing thread through the back of the pipe cleaner and taped the thread to the ceiling. Easy Peasey :)
Natalie has requested some for her next birthday--in a little over 10 months, haha!


  1. Love this!!! I love that you tried to incorporate Jenneca's theme into the decorations!! And tell Melissa that her cupcakes look fabulous! We're doing Superman for Xyler, whenever he comes.... So start thinking about what you can do for decorations! :)

  2. I like how you made some things that maybe Jennica can use in her nursery for decorations, like the banner, and the butterflies. Now that's a great gift! Way to go!