Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Questions Answered

I have had a few questions asked me in the comments this week and since I typically can't respond via email (unless you leave that in the comments too), I will answer them here! First, though, it appears Blogger is having a commenting problem for some users, so if you have tried to enter the giveaway in the previous post and can't, don't worry! I will leave it open for plenty of time after they fix it :)

1. Where did I get my living room rug?
The rug is Pottery Barn, but I found it on Craigslist for $100, quite a chunk less than the $800 PB price tag!

2. Have I ever sewn Simplicity 3803?
The answer is yes! But it was before I had figured out my pattern size and I believe it turned out way too big for me. I still own it though and plan on giving it another try. Here's a tip, though. Whenever I use a pattern that is very gathered in the front and back skirt, I take out some of the fullness when I cut the pattern (up to 6" in front and back). This greatly helps eliminate the pregnant look on my body type :) I also leave out the interfacing in waistbands like these because I find it unnecessary and it is more comfortable for sitting when the waistband maintains a little flexibility! 
3. What pattern and what kind of fabric did I use for my Spring Top entry?
This top was Simplicity 2456 and I used a lightweight cotton. I think with this kind of sleeve, a regular quilting cotton would be a little too stiff and the sleeves might stick out like Judy Jetson, ha! 
Since we're on the topic, I am SO flattered that so many of you voted for my Spring top and even though I didn't win first prize, it was amazing to have been voted into the final four!!! So thanks :) I'll be sure and share when I know what I've won. 

4. My Easter dress--what pattern is it??

This dress is Simplicity 2591. I used a border print swiss dot and since this pattern is not lined, I cut each piece out of white muslin as well as my main fabric, then simply treated the two layers as one piece. If it weren't white, you could probably get away with no lining, but ya know...
Did I miss any questions?? I hope not, but if I did, let me know :) And don't forget to enter the purse giveaway! When Blogger gets their junk figured out, that is ;)


  1. ah!! you have 3803! and you live down the street (i think... given that you're friends with jaclyn.) any chance i could borrow it for a day or two to trace it onto newspaper? :)

  2. That easter dress is adorable!!

  3. I love your spring top contest winner! So much that I want to make one, but my local stores don't have the pattern.