Friday, May 20, 2011

I'm a finalist!!!

My Spring top is now a top-4 finalist!!! You can go vote for your top choice here today!!! Thank you for you sweet comments and voting for my top :) These other final four tops are really beautiful, I would wear any of them!
Again, this is mine:
And you can vote HERE.

Cheers :)


  1. Still like yours best and thus voted for you! I also put you on my blog reader. :-)

  2. Oh, my comment just got "eaten"... I came over to your blog from the shirt contest. LOVE the shirt! What is the material? Is it a stiff fabric like a quilting cotton? Or a lighter flowy material? I read your "about me" section and felt like I could have been reading about myself... except I'm already 30 and don't homeschool. Everything else on your list... fits my description and likes too! I'm just starting my first "Real" quilt ... a twin size for my daughter. I've made a doll quilt as a tester to see if I liked it.... now to find some time to get working on it!
    Looking forward to reading along with you :)