Saturday, May 28, 2011


I know I promised a bathroom reveal, um, like two days ago, but I have learned not to make promises like that, because in reality, I probably won't have that bathroom ready until, maybe, Tuesday. But, I do have other stuff to share. Casey has had a 4-day weekend, yay! And, we bought a Denver Zoo membership, so we have had a FUN couple of days!!

Since Casey has actually been home in the daylight, I had him take some pictures of a couple dresses I've made. This is the one I wore to the zoo yesterday:
This pattern is Butterick 5348. Let me tell ya, this dress is soooo comfortable! However, it's a little big for me up top, so next time, I'll make a size smaller and also probably eliminate some of the fullness from the skirt.  I originally made this dress floor-length, but with the largeness of the print and because it is slightly too big, I felt like it overwhelmed me a little bit. So I cut it off and now I think I will get a lot of wear out of this this summer!  If you are looking for a dress pattern that is sure to fit, I truly think this is one you should try. It ties on the sides to cinch the waist, so I really think it would flatter all body types, including pregnant ones :) OH, and also, I found the zipper unnecessary because there is plenty of ease, so I left it off.

Yesterday in Target, someone complimented my dress and I resisted my usual urge to shout, "Thanks, I made it myself!!!" Very proud.

Next, I bought Butterick 5456 a few months ago and put it aside until I found a decent knit to make it with.  I stumbled upon this awesome black leopard print on the clearance table and knew it would be purrrfect (hehe).  This dress literally only took a couple of hours from start to finish and I am in LOVE with it!!! Here's the front: (I can't remember what I'm pointing at, ha!)
Pretty cute, but, oh my goodness, check out the back!
I love it and I want to wear it every day, haha!  A little note, I added some length because as is, this dress is short--I actually doubled the width of the hem band so that I could fold in half to attach it--this added a little bit of length and it eliminated the need for me to hem it--cause I don't like hemming knits.

So, after the zoo yesterday, since we had to park a bazillion miles away (note to self: don't go on a holiday weekend) and because by the time we got back to the car, my $3 Old Navy flip flops were actually feeling like exactly what they are (cheap flips flops), I determined that I will need to some good walking sandals this summer.  I bought these:
Ahhhhh, Tevas, I heart you. So much better.

Have a GREAT long weekend! And, FYI, JoAnn's is giving %20 off to military all weekend long! YES! :)