Friday, March 27, 2015

new tops, new camera

Hello, lovelies! I had a busy week, but what else is new? Haha.

I'm just gonna get right to the sewing :)

I really love Fabletics. They have great quality athletic wear and while the prices are decent, they're not low enough for me to flood my wardrobe with the stuff, if ya know what I mean. I had my eye on a drapefront sleeveless knit top. I came super close to ordering it, when I remembered I had a pattern just like it! AND I had just been gifted the perfect fabric to make it with. The pattern is Simplicity 1588, View A, which is not styled well on the envelope at all.

Here is my first copycat, which you already saw if you follow me on Instagram. (I'm into watching Murdoch Mysteries while I sew. I recommend it :)
And while I had the pattern out, I went ahead and made another one! I wore it for yoga that day (I do yoga at home, I really love Yoga with Adriene, she's my favorite,) hence the yoga pants. It stays put on my hips, even in downward dog :)

 Okay, prepare for an onslaught of unrelated photos, because I was GIFTED a new camera and just cannot get enough of it!! My D90 was damaged in the last move and while my little D50 was getting the job done, this D200 just blows both those out of the water and I am just floored that it's mine and by the generosity of my lovely friend!!!!

We are doggie sitting again. We love this dog. Seriously.

Red hair don't care. #gingerproblems

 Cardinals on my lanai! 
 Diffusing doTERRA cleansing blend with Grapefruit because big dogs stink, haha. This completely gets rid of any smell, even if you've been cooking bacon. Or something with fish sauce. I think it's cool how the camera captured the mist!
 A bee on my cucumber plant.

 This never gets old.
I am already having so much fun with the new camera, it's going to make my life and my blogging a whole lot more fun ;)

Friday, March 20, 2015

Happy Spring!

It's the first day of Spring! Not that it means anything to the weather and I'm sure some of your states didn't get the memo. It's been beautiful here, though, of course. Actually this week marks our one-year of living here in Hawaii! I can't believe it's been that long. Last Easter we lived in a hotel. Mother's Day too, actually. Maybe I should celebrate by going back to the hotel this Mother's Day. Haha. Ah, the maid service and beach access.

Anywho, I visited the mainland last week and came home with a ginormous suitcase so full of fabric, I had to pay extra for my bag. It was totally worth it, though and I had planned on the extra expense. I do have a couple fabric stores here, but I pay so much more for everything and there are never sales or coupons. Not only did my friend Jenn give me fabric from her cleaned-out stash, she took me to her wonderful Mill End store, where I piled my cart high and then bought it all, without doing any head math and putting some back. Ha! For me, that's a big deal. But, in the end, I got 10 cuts of fabric for $80. Awesome!

I grabbed this knit, with a vision of this very style of dress in mind. I've seen sporty striped knit dresses like this on Pinterest. I pulled out McCall's 6559 and got to work.

You can see I added a casing to the outside, with a drawstring so it would blouse a little. I've made this pattern five times now, the dress three times and the cardigan twice! This was the curliest knit I've ever worked with, it was hilarious. I quite trying to press it and hem it, I just let it roll, haha.

I'd like to make another like this, I think. I have a couple other things to share and I whipped up a cute dress for Natalie yesterday. She finally made it into the size 10, lol, she's been an 8 for like, four years!

Have a lovely weekend!

Friday, March 6, 2015


My firstborn turned ten on Monday!!! Blessedly, she wore pig tails that day, which made her not look quite as grown-up as she's been looking lately and was good for my Mommy heart ;)

 Layla wrote the sign, I think it's adorable.
For her birthday breakfast, I made these birthday cake muffins from the latest Rachael Ray magazine. I love her magazine, its my one and only magazine subscription. 
Instead of a party, she chose a shopping day, just me and her! It was so much fun and she's so cute. We went to Target, Starbucks, the mall and lunch. She picked several outfits and spent a couple gift cards from Grandparents. She's even still thanking me for how much fun she had, several days later. 
These "mix tapes" have easily become my favorite part of birthdays!! They are SO MUCH FUN and we listen to them in the car all the time. It was really fun listening to hers during our shopping day, she was so excited to see what was coming next ;) Here's what made it onto Natalie's Ten Tunes:

 For her birthday, she asked for a skateboard! She's doing pretty well on it, but she's played with neighbor's several times. She knew she wanted the long kind, not a short one, so I picked this one.
My kids are gonna have a real shocker when we move back to the mainland someday and they actually have to put shoes on occasionally, haha.  Sometimes we drive down to the pool and realize no one bothered putting shoes on, lol.

I don't know if you all remember me almost a year ago asking your opinion on accepting a house site-unseen with no yard and shared walls and a shared driveway and how nervous I was about it and how I mourned our huge backyard in Colorado? Let me just update you and say how thankful I am to be living here! And not just here in this neighborhood where it's so safe for the kids to play, where they have friends, where everyone is a wonderful neighbor, but on one of the best spots in this entire neighborhood! I think the Lord knew how much the views from this hilltop would bless my heart day after day.
These were both taken yesterday, one morning, one night:
 Amazing. And I didn't even hit the "enhance" button ;)

I'm off tomorrow for a jaunt to the mainland! It will be a much-needed break for me and Casey's excited to play "Mr. Mom" for the week. He says he's going to meal plan and do school and the pool, beach and bowling and the Bishop Museum. And don't forget dance! And grocery shopping with all the kids. And I'm sure he'll know now where my spending money disappears to every week, ha!

Cheers to you all and happy Friday :)

Thursday, February 26, 2015


I am working on revamping my blog. Not like just a new header and stuff, which I do probably too often, but a full-on overhaul. Gotta bring the blog up to 2015! I'm excited and also in way over my head, ha! Apparently one must look stupid multiple times to learn anything about the Internet these days. I'm ok with it. I considered waiting until I had everything ready and then having a big unveiling, but let's get real, I'm not that cool. Haha!

I am working through the Blog Design Love 2.0 e-course by A Beautiful Mess and am learning a lot! I'm happy to say it's worth the $45. In case you were waffling ;)  So, bit by bit, you'll see the blog start to change. Hopefully.

Some small, but exciting thing happened in my sewing room over the weekend! For my birthday, Casey bought me a TV for my sewing room, along with a Roku since we don't have cable. It's so nice to have up there! I often listen to music or podcasts while I sew, but I get into certain shows occasionally too. Right now, Murdoch Mysteries is my go-to sewing show! And sometimes Kelby hangs out up there with me and watches Ninja Turtles. I love that cartoon, I admit it.

This is what my space looked like before. I know, a mess.

But then Casey built me a shelf and now it's sooo much nicer! 

The shelf spans the length of the wall too, so I have extra space! I think I might finally snatch some of the cute prints on Etsy I've had my eye on and make my walls happy. 

I love this shot of Kelby and Casey when they were putting up the shelf:
 I put that on Instagram. You can find me on Instagram as nikkischreiner. I love Instagram and I like finding new people to follow! You should also follow Barbiestyle because it's awesome. And Prissy_Pig. I also follow Target! It's weird to follow a store, maybe, but they have the most creative photos! 

If you follow me there, you'll get to see this kind of hilarity from time to time. 

Cheers :)

Monday, February 23, 2015

Let's catch up!

Yesterday, I determined to make time today to take pictures of the things I've made over the last few months! And I did it. I thought about stretching these four things into four posts this week, but who am I kidding? If I don't do it now, I might not have time the rest of the week. However, I do feel ready to pick blogging back up on a more regular basis. In all honesty, I was considering giving this up and took a break to see if I missed it enough to keep going. And I really, really did! I've had this blog for nine years! Sheesh. I am considering some changes, though. I am starting to look into things like domain names and branding and coding and ... I think I need a class. Haha.

Moving right along!

I walked into FabricMart last month and couldn't believe it, they had just gotten a gorgeous pile of fabrics from Cotton & Steel. It had been a long time since I made clothing out of quilting cotton, but I couldn't leave these butterflies behind. I envisioned a Summer dress out of it, but I have really drifted away from the fitted bodice/cute, full gathered skirt. I settled on the bodice from New Look 6184. I was nervous about that fitted skirt, though. Straight fitted skirts tend not to work out on me. I'd recently tried Simplicity 1876 and it ended up being a wadder. The bodice was awful (not only did the overlay look super weird, but who wants to wear an entirely interfaced bodice in the heat of summer??) , but the skirt portion was great! I tossed that pattern, but slipped the skirt pieces into the side of my pattern bin. I'm so glad I did that because it turned out great meshing these two patterns together!
 (I swear my legs are not orange, they are reflecting the walls on my lanai!!)
I think it's very flattering and I really love that fabric! I added a vintage crochet trim to the waistline, which really topped it off. I have a ginormous piece of medium-weight denim that I've been wondering what to do with. I think I'd like to take this skirt pattern, add a waistband and turn it into a high-wasted denim skirt, inspired by the one below that I spotted on Pinterest. What do you think?

Next up, I actually made this dress a little while ago, but I wear it so much, it always seemed to be in the laundry when I wanted to take pics and blog about it! I think I need to remember to slip a photo op in on the days when I wear things for real. 

I'm actually pretty sure this rayon, also found at my FabricMart is a Cotton & Steel print too? That company is my fabric style-crush right now, haha! I used Butterick 5784, which I made once before (out of a polyester, what was I thinking??) but this time I left off the shoulder detail. It's so easy to wear, I just love it! I've used this same pattern for a basic striped knit top too and it turned out great. I think this is my tried and true shift dress pattern! (Btw, both necklaces in the above photos are from Stitchfix! Still loving that service so much.)

Third dress: I found this solid rayon at my little quilt store in Kaimuki. I used McCall's 7093, from the new collection and found a piece of this soft cotton lace in my bin for the contrast sleeves. I love it, but it's clearly too short for anything other than a special date night, which is exactly what I made it for ;) 
 The reason it's so short is because it's supposed to be a top! It's soooo long, though, right? I went ahead and wore it on our Valentines date, but I'm going to look for a lace trim that matches the sleeves and add it to the bottom. If I can't find any, I'll go ahead and cut it into a top. Either way, the pattern is a winner and I'll definitely make it again!

Last, but in no way least, because it might be my new favorite thing to wear, I made a flannel shirt. Seems weird, I know, but I'm actually visiting the mainland in a couple weeks, where I might actually get to wear it, and since my fabric stash has dwindled to scrounge-whatever-fabric-I-can because I-have-to-sew-for-my-sanity status, I thought this was a great time to make something out of it. Also, it's not a super thick flannel (but it's SO soft!) so I think I might have more occasion to wear it here than I think. I cannot say enough good things about McCall's 6436. It's too bad the cover photo and drawings are so bland because the possibilities for this pattern are so basic and endless. I already have another version cut out, which will be my fourth version of this pattern! This shirt is sooooo cozy, I just want to wear it all the time.

Speaking of my trip to the mainland, I am SO EXCITED to go fabric shopping!!!! It's not that I have zero options here, I have a few, but you have no idea what a difference sales and coupons make until you have to rely on a fabric store that simply does not offer any and you can only afford one piece of fabric at a time! 

I'm also going to get my hair cut while I'm there. I'm so ready for that. I tried wearing my hair down the other day and it was mistake, it was so hot. It ends up on top of my head every day. I'm ready for a change. 

Have a happy Monday, y'all! For all those super tired of winter right now, I am sincerely sorry for the warm weather photos!!!

Friday, January 23, 2015

A couple of shirt dresses and help me pick a haircut!

It's Friday!! I love Fridays. We don't do school (and judging by all the kids out on the driveway, neither do many other homeschoolers on our street). I try not to make plans on Fridays, unless it's the beach or pool or something equally easy and relaxing. And on Friday nights, we have a fun dinner, put the kids to bed, Casey and I open a bottle of wine and watch a movie or catch up on shows. Right now, it's The Middle. I think that show ties with Last Man Standing as my fave comedy.

Anyway! Since it's Friday and I have no plans and the kids are outside playing, I got to take pics of two out of three dresses I've made recently! (The third is in the laundry, I just can't stop wearing it.)

I ordered this amazing owl rayon challis from I love it so much! Those wise little owls, they just kill me.

The pattern is Vogue 8810, which I made a couple times two Summers ago. Back then I made it in cotton and denim and sized it down to be more fitted. But, I've been pinning a lot of drapier shirt dresses lately and this pattern seemed perfect for this fabric. Here's a close-up of the owls. 
I put this fabric on Instagram after I ordered it and someone notified me that the new Sewaholic pattern used this fabric on one of the sample garments!! I'm glad I snatched it first, I bet it's gone now ;)

Next up, I'd bought this purple linen at my local fabric store and couldn't decide what to do with it. Look up linen dresses on Pinterest and you'll see mostly art-teacher looks or shapeless sacks. Neither of those looks are for me. So I pulled out my patterns and decided on McCall's 6885, although I made so many changes, I'm not sure it's fair to cite the pattern!
 As I mentioned in my last post, I don't love collars, so instead of attaching the collar, I scooped out the neckline and bound with self-made bias tape instead. I also shaped the side seams to my waist. I needed more curve in the back, despite my swayback adjustment, so I added two long darts so the back would be fitted to my body. The pattern does include ties, but I'm not a huge fan, so this was a perfect solution. And, I love a good shirttail hem! I like this dress. The linen is soft and really keeps me cool when it's hot out.

On another note! I have appointment to get a hair cut. In March, so I have awhile. My hair has shifted from pretty curly, to half wavy, have weird. Haha. Dang hormones. Anyway, I've pinned a bunch, I'd love some opinions! I do plan on also getting highlights. My hair's texture doesn't seem to like highlights when it's long, but they work great when it's short! 

Those are my top four! So, super short or semi-short, that is the question. (You can find links to all these cuts on my Style board here. )

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

This and that

I have made some things! I haven't gotten pics of them all yet, but I did of this one. I did a massive clean-out of my closet. Did I already say that here? I think I already had a modestly sized wardrobe, but I was still tired of standing in my closet choosing to wear the same handful of things while the other beautiful and once-loved handmade things were hanging there guilting me. Ha! I pulled it all out and put back only what I really wear. My style has moved on from the fit-and-flare dresses and floral prints. I wear a lot of knits and shorts and the dresses I'm making these days are casual pull-on dresses. Zippers and waistbands are out. I think the climate has something to do with it. Most people here tend to wear workout clothes 24/7. I'm not there, but I do understand the need for loose, moisture wicking fabrics!


I recently read that you should really make a pattern more than once before deciding it's not for you. I took that to heart! I have made McCall's 6702 before, which you can see here. I recently realized that I don't love collared shirts on me. I don't want to say I have a thick neck, but it's not long and elegant either and I feel like collars just cover my whole neck.  The other thing about that first version of this pattern is that I forgot to do a swayback adjustment, so the fit wasn't right in the back. That top didn't make the cut in my closet clean-out. I realized what I really loved about it was that fabric and I know that June Fabrics has more of it, I see it there every time. So out it went.

This version, however, I love! I did the swayback adjustment, I took the time to fit the side seams and I did alter the hem to a style that looks better on me. AND, rather than the collar, I bound the neckline with self-fabric bias tape. And I like it!
 Bra straps, sorry.
 In case you're wondering, that large contraption is my Tower Garden and is one of my favorite things right now!! Here's our baby cucumber plant, although this was last week and it's twice as big now. Did you know you can grow a garden compactly and with no dirt?? It's AMAZING!!!! Can't wait to try the bounty. I planted cucumber, tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, three herbs, eggplant, bell peppers, lettuce and I ordered organic seeds for strawberries and mini sweet peppers.
 If you're still scratching you head, here's a video:

So cool!!!!

Here's Kelby pretending to add water. Haha.