Tuesday, May 10, 2011

That parenting thing...

Did you have a good Mother's Day?? I did :) Even though Casey was still out of town with the Army, my parents are here and Dad cooked some awesome steaks after church on Sunday THEN they came over later and watched Tangled with my kids while I went to Jim & Nicks and had dinner all alone while reading my newspaper in peace. It was nice :)

This is my Mom
And this my Dad
Now you know where I get me stunning good looks, hehe. 

While on the subject of motherhood...

I stumbled on this blog post by Kevin DeYoung this morning. Read the whole thing--it's super funny, very real and somewhat liberating! 

And just a few minutes ago, my sister's Facebook status read: "I'm beginning to think I'm a bi-polar homeschooling mom. Yesterday...'IF HOMESCHOOLING DOESN'T KILL ME, THEN I HOPE IT WILL AT LEAST HAVE MADE ME STRONGER!'  Today, 'I LOOOVE homeschooling!'"

Hahaha! So funny. And strangely indicative of my own feelings on various days.

In closing, some pics of my little spit-fire.

Ha! That tongue is hilarious. 


  1. Evan NEEDS a pair of trunks like Kelby's! Where did you find TURTLES?????????? And btw, you are stunningly beautiful and yes we see where it came from!

  2. So what about that awesome dress your wearing? Did you make it?