Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The Wallpaper's Demise

I cannot believe I am saying this, but my best friend (my wallpaper steamer) and I conquered my worst enemy (40-year-old wallpaper) once and for all!!!!! The last wallpapered room in our house has been stripped down to it's beautiful, glue-stained, light and airy self! I cannot believe how much brighter and bigger it looks now!!! I almost forgot to take a before picture, but don't worry, I took an in-progress one:
This is a largish two-room bathroom and every wall was covered in this stuff, even behind the mirror, which Casey took down for me so I could de-wallpaper behind--no lazy homeowners here ;) I have the paint in my possession and this room is getting a serious makeover! I'm so excited! And yes, both the bathtub and the toilet are Harvest Gold, circa 1969. They will be staying for now, along with the marbled counter-top. One thing at a time :)

My kids got some haircuts today! Yes! I was super tired of them looking like Ragamuffins! Layla's is sooooo cute.
 And Kelby got a buzz. Handsome dude.
I would show you Natalie's, but she's wearing a mermaid dress and has both dirt and sidewalk chalk on her face. Not helping the anti-ragamuffin efforts :)

Aren't these color-your-own flower pots so cute? The kids did these in the nursery on Sunday.

I noticed last week that two people have "un-followed" my blog. That's okay. It's not a popularity contest, right????? Makes me hope I'm still interesting to some people, though. Ha! I have been praying about how to better use this blog more for God's glory and not for my own. I'm excited to see where He takes that prayer!

I hope you all have a wonderful evening! It's laundry-folding night for me!


  1. Awww. But then there's people like me who are subscribing to your blog through Google Reader. I don't think you can see people like me, but I read every post! Don't feel sad about the un-follows!

  2. You do glorify God by sharing your daily life in Him. You are a real person, who loves God and it shows.

  3. Love the bathroom. Mine doesn't have any wallpaper but it still has the lovely 70s feel. My tile, toilet and tub are all green. I love seeing all your pics. I still say when I buy my next house I'm paying you to come down here for a while and decorate!!