Thursday, May 19, 2011

Pretty please...

So, I entered a top that I made in Made By Rae's Spring Top Sewalong 2011 and my top made it to the voting round! It's on her site TODAY! If you get a chance and IF you really actually like my top, please vote for me :) It's funny because I entered the contest at the last minute and only because the deadline was extended, so I'm honored to have been chosen out of over 300 entries.

This one's mine:
Thank you very much :)


  1. Cute top. Did you use a pattern?

  2. Maybe this is terrible, but I found the contest through another blogger's entry and I voted for yours because I liked it the best.

  3. I voted for your top. I love the fabric and the pattern. I'll have to check out that pattern for myself. My top made it to the the Day 1 votes. Kind of makes you feel nice about your own sewing eh? Good luck.

  4. i voted for yours- and i noticed on ray's blog today that you're a finalist!!