Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Out of the darkness, into the light

I am ready to show you the kids' bathroom!!!! It was ready yesterday actually, but I had to clean it, ha! This may be one of my favorite room transformations in the house so far, probably because it required more work than some. I know you don't want to hear another 40-year-old wall paper rant, so I'll just get on with it ;)

Remember this?
Here's that very same view now!
Ack! It looks so much better! BOTH of these rooms were completely covered in that dark wallpaper! After it was all off, I gave Layla a bath in there and she said, "why is it so light in here??" Haha!

Here's some more:

In case you're wondering:
  • The shower curtain came from Target last Summer
  • The paint colors are Baer Cottonseed and Celery
  • The stripy rug is from Ross just a few weeks ago and the big blue rug is JCPenney from when we first got married. 
  • I found the Bathing Beauties print several years ago at Hobby Lobby
Some more little touches:
Even this light switch plate had that wallpaper in it!!! I traced the template and replaced it with cute apple paper instead.

My mom has had this old produce box forever and I was determined to find a use for it because I like old stuff :)  The bottom was kind of a stained mess, though, so I put some more of the cute apple paper in there. Perfect!
Aw, all my babies.
I have a secret for keeping pictures on the walls from getting all wonky--because kids seem to be able to move objects just by looking at them, right? My pictures were always crooked until I started putting a piece of Sticky-Tack on the bottom of the frame, sticking it to the wall.  Now they always stay straight!! There ya go, there's my handymom tip for the day :)


  1. Oh my goodness Nikki! That looks amazing! Now it looks great and definitely more light. Great job!

  2. wouldn't it be fun--OK, interesting--to have the former owners over! hmm...sounds like a base for a new reality show. Or has that already been done? Guess I'm out of that cultural loop. Anyway, Big Kudos!