Monday, February 28, 2011

Monday, Monday

I was singing this song as I made my latte this morning:

After I made my coffee, I got to cleaning. Why does the house always spin out of control over the weekend?? Anyway, in order to keep the kids from making a mess as I was cleaning the mess, I gave them each a wet rag and told them to have at it :) They thought it was great fun--I'm hoping they keeping thinking that for a very long time!
So, how do YOU clean??? One room a day? One floor a day? One task a day? All on Saturday??? Our house is somewhat large (to my, anyway) and I don't feel like I've gotten a handle on the housework yet. I spend so much time keeping the stuff picked up, that it's challenging to find time to do the actual cleaning (mopping, bathrooms, etc...) SO, in the comments, please, please, please, tell me what works for you!!!!


  1. I pick up a little every day and do the dishes daily. Weekly I go thru and pick up all the extra little things of trash laying around from my sisters and then on trash day...that is the day I clean the fridge, bathrooms and take the trash out. That way once a week everything gets cleaned really good. I think its the result of my mom always making us clean the bathroom on saturdays back home.

  2. I have been trying to figure that out... how do three people make such a mess so fast? AND one of those people cannot even move around... yet. I have found that doing laundry all in one day is something that helps me feel ahead. I am not sure if I will keep that up as our family grows, though!

  3. I'm sure someone else will mention this, but I LOVE fly lady's system of house management! ( I use her control journal ( that I made MYSELF for MY HOUSE for FREE every day, and it helps me keep up with the cleaning. Granted that we don't have little ones running around yet, but it does make it so I can spontaneously invite over the whole sunday school class for lunch on Sunday. And I LOVE that I can do that, because those un-planned and all-of-a-sudden times with friends are some of the most fun and most spirit-refreshing times I have.

    Anyway, you can read her teachings and start a control journal for yourself if it looks like something that would work for you. I used to get her emails, but I don't anymore because I've got my routines established and running and I don't need them!

    Your kids are young for this, but I thought this was an interesting idea (and the links at the top of the article are worth checking out too):

  4. Today, thanks to a birthday present from my sweet husband, someone ELSE is cleaning my house for me!

    Normally though, I'm told I clean way too much. Paul and I are trying to find a balance between his "you only need to clean maybe once a month" and my "we need to clean this house top to bottom every week." Getting there, but slow process.

    My preference would be to do a level a weekend. Just a couple hours of cleaning and the whole place stays looking good a lot longer.

  5. I used to be a Saturday cleaner, but now I'm hitting spots on Friday night so Saturday won't be such a chore. You'd think empty nesters would no longer have cleaning problems, but now we have a list of "way more fun things to do than cleaning"! If I had a bassett-cleaning day, it would probably make the other days easier. Thanks for the cleaning tips.