Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Recently, after untangling my ear buds from the mass of chargers in our desk drawer, I decided I'd had enough of that mess and googled ways to organize them. I took a before picture of the tangled mess, but lost it with my computer. Here's the after, though!
Genius, right!? Our basement door is right by our computer desk area, so this is perfect. (It's an over-the-door shoe organizer, if that's not clear). I hung it on the inside of the door, so it's all hidden away, then I labeled everything and am soooo happy with this new system!

This weather puts me in such a good mood--here's what I was enjoying a few minutes ago:
I love sitting on the porch swing in our backyard. The mature trees in our neighborhood make it so beautiful, any season, any time of day. I snapped this picture from my sliding door a few nights ago:
I can't wait to deck the yard out this Spring! I'm gonna go get my gardening books out--I know it's still winter, but a girl can dream, right?? :)


  1. Nikki I totally have (and LOVE to wear) those shoes! Aren't they the most comfortable thing EVER?! I love how they widen at the toe!

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  3. Nikki, I love the shoe rack idea. I have two of them in my craft room. Easy access and visibility. Never thought of using them for electrical stuff. Will have to hang one in the laundry room for that very thing.

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