Tuesday, February 22, 2011

I made a tutorial once...

Hey! I hope you all had a wonderful long weekend :) I did. Although, Layla threw up a couple of times yesterday. BUT, she did it in the toilet!!!!! Well, she did it once on the floor too, but then she puked in the potty. I've never had a kid puke in the potty before. It's much less traumatic for everyone, let me tell ya.

Anywaaaaay, I was thinking I need to whip up some tutorials. Then, I remembered that I did actually write a tutorial of sorts quite awhile ago. I bought a pair of pants for Kelby at the consignment store, not realizing that the elastic was shot. I came up with an easy solution and he wore those pants lots and lots. I wanted to share it with you again and I also would like to draw your attention to my new sidebar button over there, under "my tutorials". Yes, plural, in that I'll hopefully be making some more in the future :)
Just click on that fancy button and it'll take you right to it!

I've been quilting away today, while my kids play happily outside. Ah, the weather, I hope it lasts :)
It's turning out quite pretty! I also made Natalie a dress last week, but keep forgetting to take a picture of her in it, even though she's worn it four times since. Have I mentioned Natalie is turning SIX next Wednesday???!!!! I know, hard to believe :)
That's all for now!
Cheers :)

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