Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Coming right along!

I hinted at my efforts to spiff up my living room a little bit a few posts ago. When I came home from doing some shopping on Saturday, I found Casey putting the cut-off legs back on my repurposed coffee table--what a guy :) A few months ago, this is as far as I'd gotten with the living room:
Here's what I have now!
And, a view without the kid stuff in the corner, haha:
This little table was given to us when we first got married and was our dining table when we lived in Georgia, where I painted it in our living room (while Casey was in Iraq), while watching The Princess Diaries over and over :) Now that we have a family it seems sooooo tiny to be a dining table!! Anyway, I'm so glad we kept it, since with shorter legs, it makes a perfect, super-sturdy coffee table. Next I'm going to try to make that kids' corner more attractive. I saw some really cute bins at Hobby Lobby, so I'm waiting for those to go on sale. I'm working on some fun artwork too--I would really like to get some vintage book covers scanned and then frame them. Like this one:
Any ideas on how to do that and how much it might cost??? Someday maybe that kids corner will be a reading corner or something, but for now, it's full of toys and that's okay by me--I have little kids, so why would I try to make my house look like I don't, huh?????

Cheers :)


  1. Kimberly - Julie's sister ;)February 15, 2011 at 8:45:00 PM MST

    You are so awesomely creative - it's incredible!! :)

    Have you ever thought about interior design professionally? You'd be amazing at it!!

  2. I love the ending thought as much as all that creativity, results and pictures!

  3. love the organizational system. love the awesome family room. love.

    i need your help! so a while back i had read your blog about the tissue pom poms you made for the baby shower from martha stewart. well- i tried following the link like a zillion times and the instructions won't appear. it's so weird! SO im wondering if you could fill me in on what to do- i really want to make these for a bridal shower im throwing next month, but dont have the slightest clue how. were they hard??? can you help? too bad the website won't work! ive been trying to look at those instructions for days and it never ever ever ends up loading all the way. :(

    anyway- i hope you are well!!!


  4. I stumbled upon the pics of your living room on flickr! I love your design and love the rug! Where is the rug from???

  5. I stumbled upon your blog via flickr...I absolutely love your living room!! Where did you get that rug?