Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Snow Day!

I declared a snow day today--the fun kind, where ya don't do school and you eat ice cream in the middle of the day and watch a movie with popcorn :) Snow and cold have been ours in abundance and last week we stayed in all week, which made for some crankiness for all of us. This week I didn't want to do that, so we ventured to Cherry Creek Mall (because they have a parking garage and I could go from garage to parking garage without worrying about coats and boots). We had a coupon for Build-a-Bear. I got some Starbucks. We played at the almost empty play place. And I scored this table cloth at Anthropologie for TWENTY DOLLARS!!!! (Regular $100, if you can believe that.)
It was a good day and it did wonders for our moods :) Not that we haven't found plenty to do around here. This has been the common view from my kitchen window lately:
Yep, Kelby's wearing pink gloves--don't tell Casey.

Look, Mom, I'm a human tunnel!
The Thomas track would be more fun with a couple more trains and maybe a bridge set. His birthday's awhile away still, though, so he's making do.

Natalie designed this awesome outfit out of the tissue paper from my Anthropolgie bag and some ribbon she snuck out of my sewing room:
What a clever gal :)

I've been collecting some inspiration for my sewing room! I can't do the sewing room until I do the upstairs bathroom, which I'm dreading because of all the dreaded wallpaper, but these photos are helping motivate me to just get 'er done!
This is my favorite:

Watcha think? Bet you can't guess what my wall color is going to be, hahaha.

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