Saturday, February 12, 2011

Starting Over

Well. The loss of my computer caused a big loss of photos. BUT, thankfully, since I put so many of my favorite pics on this here blog, so many were saved!! But, still. Today I got busy with the camera and started cataloging some everyday moments.

Mr. Mischeif in the pantry. (side note--I bet you can tell a lot about a person by what's in their pantry, right?)
And.... target acquired:
I printed the girls some paper dolls off of Marilee's Paper Doll Page. Kept them busy for quite awhile :)
Kelby wears these light-up Spider Man boots all. the. time. They wouldn't have been my first choice, but they were on clearance. And he loooooves them :)
This is the face I get when I tell him to say "Cheeeese" when he has Quaker rice snacks in his mouth:

Aw, what a cutie :)
I took this one of Natalie yesterday. Soooo pretty. And look, her eye is in focus! I don't always manage that, but I've been workin' on it. 
I got an early Valentines Day present from Casey yesterday! The little card made my day :)
I know this is a lot of pictures. I have I-didn't-back-up-my-computer-in-way-too-long-and-then-it-got-puked-on remorse. Maybe some of you have been there :) My last post was actually not the end of my crazy puke day. Kelby threw up two more times after that--both while sitting on my lap. The first of those times, I was so startled, I accidentally shoved him face-first into the ottoman. Whoops! Then I went upstairs to change my pants. As soon as I took my pants off...the doorbell rang, of course. As I scrambled to get my pants on, the kids opened the door, then went back to watching TV. So, when I got downstairs, the mailman was standing outside not really sure what to do, haha. 

BUT, my sister sent me an email about her own puking experiences of the last few days and it is too hilarious not to share!! Jana, hope you don't mind. 

"Elijah starting throwing up on Sunday night.  In the middle of the night, he woke me up by yelling my name.  I go in to his room to see what he needed, and he says, "Am I going to school tomorrow?"  I was like, "Elijah!  Why did you wake me up just to ask me if you were going to school tomorrow?"  And then all of a sudden he starts puking all over his bed!  I said, "Elijah!  Hurry up!  Go to the bathroom!"  So he runs to the bathroom, but before he could get to the toilet, he pukes all over the floor which splattered on the wall, and all on the side of the bathtub.  So then I said, "Elijah!  Go put your head over the toilet!"  I guess it never dawned upon me to give "How-to-throw-up" lessons to my kids, but after this incident, I think it may become necessary, because he's just standing over the toilet with his head way over it...not close to it like your supposed to.  So incidentally, throw up went all over the sides of the toilet!  Keep in mind too, that I was holding Andreas this whole time since he was NOT happy about being woken up by Elijah, and trying to tip toe around on the very rare patches of non-thrown-up-on flooring in the bathroom.  Anyway, that's why I commented on your blog about puke and getting up in the middle of the night being the worst combo...but I think a MAC and puke combo definitely is the worst.  So yesterday (Wed.) Hannah threw-up 6 times...but at least she can get it into the trash can with no mess.  And speaking of puke,  Abby is actually puking right at this very moment...if you can actually believe that.  WOW!  At least she did it in the toilet...which is why I'm happily continuing to type on while chuckling.  This makes #1 for Abby...I'm crossing my fingers that there will be no more.  We'll see what Julia does tonight...she didn't eat her dinner because she said that her tummy hurt.  Gosh...I hope I don't start throwing up...I'm definitely sick with something...but hopefully it won't lead to you-know-what! looks like we're in the same boat!"

Okay, in case you're tired of reading about puke :) I made this pillow this week. I am working on getting the living room all pretty and not so sparse, so I did manage this pillow. 
I used this rag-ruffle pillow idea. Cute, right? Now, hopefully Casey will get off of work in time to cut the legs off a little table we are going to convert into a coffee table! (Yes, he's working on Saturday, boo.) I also have some ideas for artwork in this room. But, alas, so many projects and so little time. 

Please leave me some comment love and tell me I'm not the only one who has failure-to-back-up regrets!!!!


  1. Nikki, I would love to share in your experience, but first I would have to actually take some pictures in order to lose them. I tell myself, and anybody else who will listen, that I have other great, redeeming qualities other than taking lots of photos. Good luck and great photos. Things kids do are so much cuter when viewed from the innocence of a lense.

  2. Hi Nikki- your pillow turned out so cute!! Love the fabrics!
    Thanks for sending the link :) I'm going to have to feature this- you know- in my spare time- when I get to it- but I just love- so glad you shared! - sharla