Thursday, February 10, 2011

Comedy? Satire? Tragedy of Shakespearean proportions?

This day has been so bad, it's almost comical!! We had our little Valentines Day party today for play group, during which Angela took lots of pic with my camera and all the kids had a blast. After that, things started to go downhill. Layla lost her appetite and came down with a high fever and laid on the couch pretty much all day. Kelby woke up from his nap crying because he had puked all over himself. Cleaning up chunky throw-up is one of the worst parts of motherhood, I dare you to argue! :) Later, I loaded the pics from this morning on my computer, with Kelby on my lap and started looking through them. He puked all over my Mac. It won't recover. It survived the root beer incident, plenty of falls and Kelby's curiosities, but sadly, this was the end. :( So, I have no pics to share today, obviously. Don't worry, though, Casey has a laptop too, so I guess we'll be sharing for awhile. Oh, I almost forgot, a few minutes ago, I spilled a glass of milk inside the fridge. HA!


  1. I can think of something worse than chunky puke...your kid puking in the middle of the night. Because then, not only are you cleaning up nasty chunks, but then you're also being woken up...and I DO like my sleep!

    Love, Jana

  2. Oh yes, and...comedy! If your part in God's great story is that of Christian, all things are a comedy, because all of our sorrows, no matter how great or small, are redeemed! That equals comedy!

    xoxo Jana

  3. Nikki I have my computer set to upload to my computer and to Snapfish all at the same time for moments such as this. I have always been scared to put things on my computer just to have them lost. You can always get an external hard drive for under $100 that way it is backup and not taking up too much space on your computer.

    Heather Bu