Monday, February 14, 2011

I Heart Valentines Day!

Aw, I just love a celebration, don't you? We haven't done anything major for V-Day in several years (well, since having kids, actually, ha!) but I love it still--the simple exchange of cards and gifts from husband to wife, wife to husband, Dad to daughter, Mommy to kiddos, enough for me. Each kiddo got a long-admired plush from the Disney Store and I couldn't resist a photo op.
Then I poked Kelby in the eye...whoops, sorry Buddy:
But, it's okay, he's a thumb-sucker. Ya gotta love a good self-soother :)
Happy Valentines Day from our gang to yours!!! 

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  1. wawah! What a picture? This post is wonderful, thanks this post.