Saturday, October 31, 2009

ode to anthropologie

The last three years, I've been making fabric ornaments to include in Christmas gifts. First, I made some birdies, then some cupcakes, and this year, it's boots. They are still in progress, as you can see. Can you see that boot, it sort of blends in!

So, with ornaments on the brain, I received an email from Anthropologie last night with a link to their ornaments page. Awe, be still my heart! They are all SO pretty. As usual. As if Anthropologie could ever make anything NOT pretty, right?

I noticed they used a lot of handcrafty materials this year. Notice all the crochet, knitting, buttons and embroidery.

And the Merry Christmas garland. I see myself making something similar. Maybe next year, when a knock-off won't be so obvious ;)

I hope these inspired you!

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