Monday, October 12, 2009

hey there, cupcake :)

Hey, I finishes these cupcake costumes the other day!!! I'm giddy, they're so cute ;) I still need to make the strawberry headbands, but I need some headbands first. Obviously, Pottery Barn uses wool felt on theirs and I used polyester, so mine don't stick out quite like theirs, but I still think they're awesome because mine didn't cost $100 either, HA!

Our house is in a very campy-looking neighborhood and there are trees everywhere. It makes for a beautiful Fall here, since there is a blanket of leaves outside for several weeks. Yesterday I took the girls out to play so I could practice my mad photography skills ;) Kelby was napping, I'll need to take him out there today maybe to get some good pics of him!

Layla was being exceptionally cooperative :) That's why there are more of her.


  1. Love the costumes! They turned out great! Congrats on another job well done :)

  2. these have got to be the cutest costumes I've ever seen! Nice work:)

  3. Hi Nikki,
    Thanks for de-lurking on 30days. I loved getting to know a bit about you. These costumes are TO DIE FOR. So stinkin' cute!!
    I loved checking out your blog- such fun projects.
    Thanks for reading 30days. :)

  4. I LOVE your costumes! I coveted the ones in the Pottery Barn catalog. I would love some pointers on making my own if you care to share. :)

  5. I read more of your blog now- would you give me some pointers?