Monday, December 3, 2007

Little Birdies and Wish Books

It's been a flurry of Christmas preparations around here. For awhile I thought I bit off more than I could chew with Christmas gift-making, but I really think if I had just started earlier, it all would have seemed less daunting. I'm having fun, though. I really want to leave time to make one of these for Natalie. Here are some little birdie ornaments I made. They are from this book, which I love, it's my new favorite, along with this one. Can't share any other projects yet, though, due to Christmas surprises! January should be a great blogging month for me, though, because I've made some really cool stuff that I'm dying to share.

On to other things, I took this picture of Natalie with the JCPenney Wish Book yesterday and it made me so nostalgic, remembering how my sister (happy birthday, Jana!) and I used to sit down, each with a different color pen, and put a star next to our favorite thing on every page. Natalie's favorite things were pretty much every thing :) Actually, the dress-up clothes she's pointing at are what she's getting for her birthday in March! Shhh!

So, is anyone else sick of the word "holidays"???? Me too, but I read this great post on Femina
that you may also enjoy. Until next time...!

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  1. Hey Nikki!

    Thanks for ckeckin out the blog! I will try and keep it more updated and interesting!
    Love ben Great pics and great site