Sunday, October 4, 2009

Darn you, Pottery Barn!

I told myself I was NOT making costumes this year. I don't have the time and it would cost the same just to go to the consignment store and let the girls pick out their own costumes.

That was back when all they wanted to be were Disney Princesses or Dora.

Then I used the restroom at my friend Angela's house and saw this. Pottery Barn Kids. A cupcake costume. Super cute.

Of course, I immediately thought, "I can make that." *sigh* The girls actually agreed to be cupcakes instead of Princesses (which we get way too much of around here) so I went out and bought the felt yesterday. Less the $10 for two super-cute costumes, you can't beat that!!!

Now, Kelby is going to be a cowboy. I am NOT making him a costume!!!!

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