Thursday, October 15, 2009

hello, punkin

Yesterday after dinner, I made some pumpkin crafts with the girlsies. They love craft time :) First we made these big pumpkins and formed them into a circle for a candelabra of sorts...

...but then I hung them up here so we could keep the fire department at bay :)

Then we made some pumpkin crowns. Speaking of crowns, my Mom and I had a sort of break-through last night with the veggie eating! Since Layla ate all her baby carrots, without complaining, we called her the "Dinner Princess" of the night! What a concept!!! Natalie, of course, wanted to be the dinner princess too, so she's determined to eat all her veggies tonight too. We'll see :) However, I would love to hear any other ideas you all may have--kid-friendly veggie recipes, etc...

1 comment:

  1. Have you tried the sneaky vegetable dishes in Jessica Seinfeld's book? Even though of course you're rather them eat veggies of their own accord, it might enable you to give them the nutrients they need without them knowing.