Wednesday, October 7, 2009

some things I am loving...

1. The Elisabeth Elliot Daily Devotional.

2.Vintage playthings. I don't know if my hubby would appreciate me calling his Constructs "vintage." (He's 28 and still swear that's mid-20's.) Natalie made several of these masks yesterday--all of them perfectly symmetrical!!! She's 4! She has also been enjoying the three generations of legos we have here and my old Upsie Baby. Anyone remember her??

3. My mocha pot. These are a household staple in Europe. Why it hasn't caught on here, I do not know, but I tell ya...this is soooo much better than using an espresso machine at home. It's faster, it's less mess, it's easy to clean and it's not rocket science!! I also have an inexpensive hand held milk frother that works great. You can get both these things on Amazon for about the price of a week's worth of Starbucks :)

4. This Beautiful Doodles book. I bought one for my niece for her birthday, but we thought it was so cool, my mom went out and bought one for my kids. It is soooo much fun. We don't color in this, I just make copies of the pictures, so we can use it over and over. It has all kinds of starter pictures, like a dress shape that you can decorate, etc...

5. The Fossil watch Casey bought me when I visited him in Virginia. I l-o-v-e it :)

6. This washable snack bag tutorial! I love this, I'm going to make several for us and several for Christmas gift additions. Also a good opportunity to use the funny novelty fabrics I have that I have no idea what to do with :)
7. These three cuties :) wearing the t-shirts Daddy sent them from Virginia. Speaking of Daddy, only TWO WEEKS left until we get him back and we are sooo ready and overjoyed :)

p.s. I have NO IDEA WHY THIS POST IS SO MESSED UP AND SPREAD OUT. Does anyone else occasionally find Blogger JUST IMPOSSIBLE????????


  1. I LOVE that watch!
    I bought a similar "coloring" book for a birthday gift recently. It was all starter ideas for pictures and really appealed to me.
    I think I'm going to make some of the snack bags too.

  2. I use Windows Live Writer (it's a free download from Windows) to post to blogger. Much easier! Love your list and your cute kids! Hope the 2 weeks fly by till hubby is back!

  3. When I get those extra spaces in Blogger I switch over to "edit html" (from "compose") and get rid of the spaces that way. Sometimes I have to add spaces because Blogger is squishing everything together.

  4. Just found your blog! I like it.

    Yes I have blogger issues sometimes too!

  5. We had a blast the other night here playing with "vintage" GIJoes! My hubby didn't care for the fact that Laura was referring to them as little dolls lol!