Sunday, November 1, 2009

cupcakes and cow pokes

Last night we went to our church's harvest festival and it was sooo much fun. The kids were a big hit, the girls in their mama-made cupcake costumes and Kelby in his cowboy outfit. The party was a huge success as their were a LOT of neighborhood families there, which made it a great outreach opportunity.

(Thumb break)

I dressed up as a cowgirl to match my little cowpoke. he thought the hat was pretty fun :)

Cake walk. We stuck around until we finally won :)

Casey went as a sports enthusiast...or as someone else said, an athletic supporter, hehehe :)

AND.....I took this picture on the way to the church last night. We Coloradans call this kinda thing proof that God is a Bronco fan. GO BRONCOS!!!!! 7 & 0, HERE WE GO!!!!!


  1. Awesome pictures! Love the outfits, and you look FABULOUS!

  2. those are such great outfits!! the cupcakes are adorable. and what a sweet little cowboy

  3. Did you make the cupcakes? My Mom saw a cupcake costume in PB, and she wants me to make her one- She teaches elementary school.