Thursday, July 24, 2014

Simplicity 1887 ... Second version

Sometimes the stars aline and the idea, the fabric and the pattern for something just fall right into place without trying. This is one of those! I had pinned a couple of polka dot skirts (this one and this one) on my Pinterest Style board. Shortly after that, I stumbled on a great polka-dot cotton twill(ish) fabric at June's and right after that, I made this success of a skirt. I knew right away I'd use the same pattern for my own polka-dot skirt.

I really love this. I think it's very on trend and can be worn in many ways. I've seen similar skirts worn with button down tops, which I'm wanting to make more of anyway, after my whale shirt turned out so great. I underlined it with white cotton, which was sufficient enough for the see-through factor, although I still wear nude unmentionables with it.  (FYI, many women think white undergarments must be worn with white bottoms, but this is not the case! White can still be seen, it's nude colored undies that's the key. That was free advice, you're welcome ;)

I omitted the pleats on this version by simply folding them out of the pattern piece when I cut out my fabric. Other than that, no changes were made and I really love this pattern for all the same reasons I listed with my first version! The elastic in part of the waistband, the pockets, the casual Summer length. Love it!

I have a turquoise twill and am debating yet another skirt from this pattern. But I just made a pair of orange shorts that turned out pretty great too so I'm debating another pair of those with the turquoise. What to do, what to do?

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