Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Bedroom redo and window tricks

I mentioned about awhile ago that I was wanting to give our bedroom a new look. So every week with my fun money, I bought a piece to replace an old piece. First I spotted the perfect bedspread and the rest all fell together in my mind after that. It's too pricey to do it all at once, though, so I just went back with my allowance every week or two and added the next thing. I'm loving how it looks now! My tastes have definitely evolved in the last year! I guess that's the fun part about moving a lot. You get to start from scratch with your decor if you want to. White walls aren't quite the nemesis I used to think them either. It helps that white walls are in style right now, just ask Pinterest ;)

 The bedspread, curtains and pillow shams are all from Target. I love Target. I'm so glad I have one here!! It's so pretty in there. Not like that other big store-that-shall-not-be-named. I think this is the first time ever that I have bought curtains from a store and not made them. (Actually, I found some Pottery Barn curtains at a thrift store once, if that counts.) I made the Virginia pillow out of a t-shirt Casey had bought me when he was training in Virginia several years ago and the Star Wars pillow case on his side, I made. Because I made a lot of novelty pillow cases for lots of kids for Christmas last year and he was totally jealous of the Star Wars ones. So I put one in his stocking :) It doesn't *go*. But we don't care. Ha!

Our bed is on a wall with a window. But there's a door to our lanai on one side that opens in, so the bed cannot be centered right under that window. Before we got curtains, it looked bad--so off-kilter. So I bought the floor-to-ceiling curtains, knowing we could fix this. Rather than framing the window with the curtains, we framed the bed, if that makes sense. You can see below that off-centered window and then see above how the curtains hide it. The curtain on the right is mostly covering wall, while the left curtain covers more of the window. Ta-da! Tricksy.

There are a few more things I'd like to do in here. I want to get those guitar photos printed and frame them up. And I have a beautiful white vanity that is in desperate need of repainting. I'm going to be brave and paint it a color so it will stand out from the white walls. It's going to be fabulous! Maybe a paint project is in order for when Casey leaves town next week. I just need him to haul it down for me first. And then I need to drag the kids to home depot for paint. And they will whine. Blerg.


  1. Yes Target does have pretty things. I like your bedrooms new look! Perfect window solution!

  2. I can't wait to see the vanity all painted. I will pop nicely and make you forget all about those plain white walls. :o)

    The Star Wars pillow case doesn't clash either, so except that you pointed it out, I wouldn't have thought a thing of it. Fun pillow cases are just that, fun! :o) Oh and I can't leave without saying how gorgeous your headboard is! Is it leather? Vinyl? Dark Blue or dark Green? So many questions! :o)

    1. Ha, it's actually just black. We got it on clearance at a furniture store years ago. It's one of three pieces of furniture we've ever bought new! It's black wood and the leather is black and tufted.