Thursday, July 17, 2014

how I make time for sewing

I must share my new sun visor with you! Some of you may have seen this on Instagram, but the pattern is so great that I just have to share a link to the free tutorial. I set out looking for a pattern for this because I tan super easily and I try not to tan my face at all. I wear good sunscreen on my face, but it still tans and I was getting raccoon eyes from my sunglasses and my skin just wasn't looking pretty. I wanted a visor, not a hat because I wanted to be able to wear my hair up and hats always fit awkwardly with buns or ponytails.

It didn't take much searching to find this free tutorial. It's great because it's wide brimmed and covers the ears too!
Here's how mine turned out.

I can't wait to make a few more! I think I black linen one would be classy and nice. Especially once I find a fabric to try the Bombshell bathing suit pattern!

I was asked in the comments recently to possibly write a post on how I squeeze in so much time for sewing. I have thought about that questions all week!

I think there are a few things in my favor, such as being home most of the time, not having a busy schedule (I am extremely selective about extracurriculars for the kids and commitments for myself because I do not thrive on being overly busy), as well as being a pretty fast sewer. I've been afraid before that if I post too many sewn things, people will think I just ignore my kids and sew all day. Ha! That's obviously not the case. I think there are a few deeper reasons that I get a lot of sewing in too. My kids self-entertain really well. I think this is true of many homeschoolers, just because of our lifestyle. We do school in the morning hours, run an errand maybe, and then afternoons are free time. I exercise in the afternoons, get some sewing in if I want and then clean up the house and start dinner. That's our loose routine. I get more sewing time on the weekends, which again, we work hard at not booking too full to enjoy. Also, I enjoy good health and when you're not tired all the time, like many Americans these days, you have energy for things you like to do. I really think the reason people don't invest in hobbies is more that they're exhausted than that they don't have time!! So when they do have time, they can only veg out or sleep! If you feel like you never have energy for the things you want to do, I'd suggest taking a look at your health habits and make some small changes to your lifestyle. Lastly, I have a super hard time sitting around, that's just how I'm wired! Casey laughs because I can't even watch TV at night without some hand sewing or a crossword puzzle. It's a gift ... and a curse ;)

I've love to hear from some other women, working moms maybe, or people whose lives are different from mine about how you squeeze in time to sew!


  1. I am the same. When my kids were younger my rule was alternating sports seasons as they both play an instrument and I didn't want everyday full of "stuff". So fall was football (him), spring was basketball (her) and then baseball/softball in the summer for both. Between those, orchestra and band concerts and normal family stuff; our schedule was plenty full!

    Now that they are teens it's a bit easier. I still get the majority of my sewing done on the weekends since no one gets up before 10 if they don't have to and I am an early riser! I also cannot sit still and can really go days without turning on the tv.

    I think it is so imperative to have hobbies that you enjoy and to devote time to your hobbies!

    Cute hat! :)

  2. I've been planning on making a visor much like yours only closing it in back with a floppy tied bow. :o)

    I tend to sew more at night when everybody has gone to bed. I don't really like to stop once I've started sewing, and daytime is full of interruptions (potty training for one). :o)