Thursday, July 10, 2014

how many of the same pattern can you make before people notice?

My friend Jenn went iPhone fabric shopping for me again and one of the things she sent was this lovely gray twill. I really wanted to make some casual shorter skirts and shorts and especially something to go with my whale shirt (buttons arrived yesterday!) so I got to work on this gray twill right away.

I chose Simplicity 1887, view E
I've had this pattern for a long time, but I remember reading reviews about the shorts having way too much ease and looking rather clownish so I'd put it aside. I pulled it out and thought I'd give the skirt a try and you can see that I did modify it a little:
 I REALLY love how this turned out! It was surprisingly fast to make because it doesn't have a zipper. More on that at the end.
 This fabric has the perfect amount of stretch for a casual skirt and the length is great for my lifestyle here. I have definitely had to rethink sewing functional clothing here in Hawaii because one day can see me at a lunch with Casey's work crowd and hiking a mountainside without a change of clothes. Also, layers, linings, pants and camis are OUT! It's too humid for any of that and the weather remains pretty consistent year round.
 So about those pleats. The pleats in the front and the elastic in the back really made the skirt sit funny. It ballooned out in front and then pulled the hemline up in the back! So I started by sort of pinning and topstitching 4 inches or so down those pleats. That helped a little, but I still didn't like how it ballooned away from my body, it looked weird from the side. So I pinned and topstitched those pleats all the way down to the hemline.  And it worked!!! The fit is beautiful now and the stitching added great detail to a solid skirt. I have plans for another one of these out of a polka dot fabric, for which I'll just fold those pleats out of the pattern piece completely before I cut it out.
 The main reason I love this is because of the elastic, rather than a zipper closure. It's only in the back and side fronts, which makes it still look nice and flat in the front. It made the fit so easy, it was fast to sew, no hand sewing, etc...  And I got to use a little bit of my leftover camera fabric for the facing! We'll call that white serger thread "contrast" instead of "too-lazy-to-change-it" ;)

So, back to my original question, how many of this very skirt pattern can I get away with before people notice that I keep wearing the same skirt in different fabrics?? Cause Jenn also sent me a teal twill that it begging to be sewn up too!

Lastly, since I bragged about the sunset from my lanai, I took a picture to prove it. Unedited! Isn't God glorious?


  1. Go for it. I just cut my 3rd pair of S2061 pants since April...and it's my 4th from the pattern. Can't argue with what works! :)

    Your extra stitching is fantastic. I really love this spin on the skirt!

  2. I think most people won't notice at all. And yes, God is glorious! That sunset is special!

  3. God is awesome... Beautiful photo.
    I use the same patterns all the time.. When it fits.. It works.. Different fabrics.. No one will pay attention.ha

  4. I'm pretty sure Old Navy, Target, etc use the same pattern over and over too. :o) Your top stitching really made this skirt special, and will keep it from being obvious that it's cut from the same pattern as the next one (or six, haha).

    Your tie-dye tank is sooooo cool!!! I understand about no layering, pants, etc. We get a hot and humid Summer here in my part of Texas.

    Your sunset photo makes me want to paint again!!!

    1. That's funny because Natalie painted that sunset picture this morning :)

  5. That skirt is cute and fits perfectly. No one is going to notice how many times you use that pattern. Like jeans or can have multiple pairs of the same style and no one pays any attention. They are more likely to notice what you are wearing with your skirt...your tops and accessories.

  6. No one is going to notice unless you use the same fabric all the time ;)

    Lovely sunset.

  7. Wow, what a sunset. A blessing.

    I buy so many patterns and sew about half of them! Which means I have lots of repeaters. What a cute pattern. Since I only wear elastic waists, I might get this one! the shorts are so cute.