Monday, July 14, 2014

a whale of a good time! hehe

I finished my humpback whale shirt and wore it to church yesterday with the skirt I just made. I really love this fabric, but I think I love the shirt so much because I made a button down that looks professional and fits awesome. I've made a button down shirt before, but the fit of that pattern wasn't quite right for me and I don't ever wear it :-/

I know soooo many people really love the Grainline Archer pattern, but before spending the money for an indie pattern, I wanted to try some that I had in my stash already. I made a muslin of McCall's 6436 and that's the one I ended up using.

The fit could not have been more perfect and I made no alterations! It helps that this is a pattern with cup sizes, of course.
 I used a darker turquoise thread that really adds interest to the top stitching. I almost went with orange buttons, but the whales are pretty whimsical in themselves. Orange buttons might have taken it to clown level, haha!
I'm excited to make more of this pattern. Button downs are so in style right now and I think if I make a few with sleeves they'll be a great alternative for cardigans this winter in Hawaii ... in the evenings when it drops below 70 ;)


  1. Very nice! I love the pockets on this pattern! I might have to put this one in queue.

  2. So cute! Your top stitching looks great! OK, you have been sewing up a storm. Would you do a post on how you manage your time to get in so much sewing?

  3. Eeek!!! It came out beautifully!!!! I need to go through my patterns and see if I have that one, I don't remember having it though. :o) I almost bought a top last week in the same colors with Seahorses printed on it instead of Whales, I think that means you are right on trend! I think I might go back and see if that top is still on sale. :o)

  4. I LOVE this top!!! It looks amazing on you--you are right, the fit is perfect (no alterations, what?!?!?). I hope to make some button down shirts this year as well.

  5. I love this. And really since the whales are not cartoony it looks very sophisticated and trendy. I might have to go buy this pattern now. I love the sleeveless button down! Too bad my buttonholer stopped working on my machine! Time for an upgrade I think.

    1. My buttonholer doesn't work either! I have a Pfaff from the 70's. I just do them manually. It's really not that much trouble to just use a zig-zag in two widths to make them. It might even be easier because I don't have to read the manual every time like I did when my buttonholer did work, haha!

  6. Wonderful detail, the pockets look wonderful. Your fabric is adorable. And living in Southern Baja, I understand completely about " winter " in the tropics!