Saturday, July 12, 2014

simple top and school room rescue

I think my clean sewing room has made me a sewing fool this week! I can't stop! Having some fabrics in my stash helps too, of course, thanks to Jenn's iPhone shopping and my new fabric store. Speaking of which, I snapped this iPhone pic when I was at June Fabrics. This is the gist of it. There's more behind me and lot more to my right. There is a huge shelf of lace trims and at the register, there are about a hundred peanut butter jars filled with buttons. Ha! In this pic, you can mostly only see Aloha fabrics, but there is so much more! Such a great place and the family who owns is is so nice and helpful and friendly, which is actually the reason I don't like going to the other fabric store in town--they are NOT nice, friendly or helpful. You wonder if they read their Yelp reviews, because I am not the only person who's scared of the people who work there, haha! Fabric shopping should be relaxing, am I right??
Anyway, I had a soft pink rayon knit in my stash from one of Jenn's boxes o' fabric. I finally made it up into my favorite knit tee, the same I used for my favorite feather tee, out of this pajama top pattern.
I think my neck binding turned out spectacular, if I may say so myself ;)

I'm wearing it here with a sweatshirt knit pencil skirt I made last year. So soft and comforable! I like to wear pink, I'm trying to buy more colors that make me feel pretty. Pink is surprisingly tough to find, though, unless you want sweet or floral prints, which I haven't been gravitating toward lately. 

In other news, because my main gig is actually NOT sewing, but is really homeschooling, believe it or not, I spent a few hours making our dining room school space more functional yesterday. 
I was using this little bookshelf for most of our school books and it was just flat overflowing! The shelves are too short to fit books upright, so everything was stacked and it was not working! 
 I knew I needed a bigger shelf, was fine with the super cheap kind, but Target has been out of the white ones ever since we moved in here! They finally got more in so I was able to change this out for the little one. (I think the message on the chalkboard is too cute.)
Under that bench is our record collection! Still so fun. A cheap, educational family hobby :) 

Added bonus, I now get to use the old shelf in my sewing room closet so my fabric has a home, hooray! 


  1. What a perfect pattern for a tee! I kinda giggled at the envelope picture of the romper. I don't think the poor model could stand up straight without getting a wedgie. :o)

    A record player is on my wish list. Both of my sister's have them, but for some reason I keep putting off getting one. Hmm, maybe my birthday, unless I get a new camera. See? I just keep bumping it down the wish list. :o)

  2. Your new pink top is pretty. You definitely deserve to have your "sewing room" and it's VERY nice!

  3. The fabric store looks amazing!! The pink striped tee looks so comfortable for summer. Do you home school year round?

    1. Hi, Dharma! We only just started homeschooling year round since our most recent move. Last year we moved twice, which was just so disruptive! So we've started a three week on, one week off schedule and it's going awesome. Usually I find I could use a break after three weeks. Plus, in Hawaii, it's not like we need to take advantage of the Summer months like we did on the mainland! It's actually more comfortable to be outside in the Winter months.

    2. Your schedule sounds very workable. I understand needing breaks! I have taught for a number of years and breaks are needed in a classroom situation.

  4. Have you been to Kaimuki Dry Goods? Fabulous selection of fashion fabrics there! I really enjoyed my visit there last year.