Wednesday, July 23, 2014


Casey's on the mainland for a couple weeks, wah! He's be gone so many times in the past, but it's actually been awhile now since the last time he was out of town, so I'm out of practice. I'm still new here too, so that doesn't help. We're all fine, though, keeping busy and having good days.

Right before he left, I had him help me take my vanity apart so I could paint it! My dad bought this vanity for me at an estate sale (or something) when I was a young teenager and spent weeks hiding out in the garage in the evenings, painting it and making it nice for my birthday. It's one of my favorite things!

After so many years, several moves (still shocked the mirror is still in tact) and spending 6 months in Layla's room in Virginia, the paint was in such rough shape. Proof:
 It wasn't a matter of just cleaning it because the oil based paint just stained so badly.
 Once I got it in my head to paint it, I assumed I'd just repaint it white. But, we have white walls and probably always will, as long as we are in the military. So I thought painting it a color would really help it pop out from the wall and make a statement!
 Here's an in-progress shot:

and here it is all finished:
This last photo is very true to the actual color. I LOVE how it turned out. It may seem like an odd color choice, but it really fits in with the rest of the room (you can sorta see in the mirror) and I think it's spectacular. A huge improvement and no longer a wall flower. It certainly stands out now! I'm sure my Dad is having heart palpitations knowing I painted over his hard work. Sorry, Dad!

I kept the metal knobs because Dad actually found those in my Grandpa's treasure-filled garage after he passed away and brought them from California to Colorado just for my vanity. I love that about them.

Some of you understand, once you have the paint bug ....

I was sitting in this rocking chair across from my vanity admiring my work, thinking how much better the chair would look with a makeover. I have this fabric in my stash. But I think it would look amazing if I painted the wood black, don't you?
What do you think? I know painting and recovering these things can be a pain. I texted Casey and asked if he thought I could spray paint my rocking chair and he said, "I have no doubt you could, lol".  It feels good that he has such faith in my skillz. Hahahaha!


  1. The vanity looks amazing!!! Yes! The rocking chair needs painting too. :o) I spray painted and covered one of those gliders, it wasn't bad at all. The only thing I would suggest is sanding off the glossy finish anywhere the wood gets touched a lot. Mine didn't have a cushion on the arms, so the paint started wearing there. Another thing that might help is a "top coat" of clear enamel. On my chair I just went with it and sanded the edges for a shabby chic look. :o)


  2. I LOVE the vanity and the color! What a unique piece, it's gorgeous. And I think the rocker in black would be perfect!

  3. It is beautiful Punkin. Good job.

  4. Awww this made me smile.. I had a very similar vanity as a young girl growing up.. Things were made from real wood back then. I remember my dad fussing at my mom for spending so much money ion the set(it had a matching dresser). I remember mmy mom and I painting it pink! Enjoy your new vanity.. Can't wait to see that black chair

  5. I think the fabric for the rocker will look great. It is amazing how paint can really change things up! I have a number of pieces that my parents or my in-laws refinished in my house. That furniture is so special.