Friday, October 4, 2013


I love coffee. I don't think that's a secret to anyone who knows me ;)

I bought a new coffee pot this week. I picked it out, read reviews and saved my allowance. I didn't have room for a coffee pot in our old house because counter space was a precious commodity. I like using my French press sometimes and mostly used my moka pot to make a latte. When we were staying at my mom's for a couple weeks, though, she always had coffee made in the mornings and it sure was nice to have coffee there all the time. So I put my plentiful counter space here to use and bought this beauty!

Ain't it purty? It's this one and I got it at Target. The riskiest part of coffee pot buying is getting home and seeing if the carafe drips! This one does not, at all, whew!

I get all nostalgic when I talk about coffee because coffee comes with memories somehow--people, homes, cities, all are attached to coffee memories.

This is not my first coffee post. I blogged here about how to make a perfect latte and here about how to make your own coffee syrup, in case you're interested.

"Who was the first guy who figured out coffee beans? If we take these beans, cook them, grind them up, and then run really hot water through them, we get a comfort drink that tastes really nasty for the first six months. But if you persevere in the making and drinking of it, it gets to be really good. So God gave us the great concept of the acquired taste--strong coffee and dark beer and black licorice."
                                                          -Doulas Wilson


  1. I'm a coffee lover too. Somehow living in the southwest of Canada almost 'requires' one to drink it in order to survive the grey, rainy winters. :-)

    Nice colour!

  2. Ok the quote made me chuckle. :o) I don't have counter space for a coffee maker so I use a stove top peculator. I used to have a plain stainless steel one, but now I have an orange enamel one. It looks so pretty I leave it out on the stove top 24/7.

    1. Ooh, mine's just stainless steel (it also lives on my stovetop), I didn't know there were colored ones! I think mine needs replaced ;)

    2. Haha :o) Didn't mean to give you the bug for a new percolator. BTW, I just noticed that I chose the wrong spell check suggestion in my first comment. :o)

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