Wednesday, October 23, 2013

best dress

I made a dress yesterday and now I want to wear it every day. Ha! I got this awesome knit at Denver Fabrics and just love it so much! It's sort of a sweatshirt knit, but without the fuzzy underlayer ... if that makes sense. And the design has subtle hearts in it! What's not to love? I picked up New Look 6097 because of the great photos on I never would have bought this based on the cover photo, I think that dress is terrible.

Instead of the fitted skirt, I went with a more casual everyday gathered skirt for mine and I love the results!

I think this bodice is superbly drafted. Reviewers said mixed things--some thought the bodice gaped or had to safety pin it shut and some thought the sleeves were too wide. Others said the bodice had too much ease all the way around, but I made my usual size and it's perfect. The coverage of mine is perfect too, there is no gaping and the sleeves are fine for my arms, which are admittedly on the buff side ;) I will definitely be making this again!  It's so comfortable and flattering for my everyday life.

Once again, I relied on my six-year-old photographer and she is getting quite into the directing side of her skills, haha!

What a cutie patootie.

I am anxiously waiting for Casey to get home so I can go hit the sale at JoAnn. I super hope they have the new McCall's patterns since they're on sale and I have quite the list!

I'm linking up for the first time on Make it, Wear it Thursdays! Pretty fun to see what others are making each week :)



  1. The dress is gorgeous on you! Would Layla Bug like an expat job as my photographer? I've decided to gently replace my current guy with a tripod ;)

  2. Now this is one fun photo shoot! :o) My favorite shot is the one with you tossing the pumpkin. Was that your idea or your director's?

    1. I think that was my idea. She was nervous for our pumpkin haha.