Wednesday, February 10, 2010

a lotta latte

When I first started making lattes at home, I found it really frustrating that I couldn't find a "recipe" with actual measurements. They all said things like, "pour your milk over your espresso and....done!" But, I needed to know how much milk and how much espresso!! So, this is a basic little latte tutorial for you :)

First, you need to make some espresso. I have had a big, whiz-bang espresso machine in the past and it really only caused frustration before it finally stopped working altogether. So several months ago I bought a moka pot on my sister's recommendation and my life was revolutionized ;) This is what mine looks like in three pieces:

After putting the water and grounds in, it sits on the stove and when it gurgles, it's done! Just like that. Plus, these only cost about $25 so they won't break the bank AND they don't take up valuable counter space! Whatever method you choose, you need between 2 and 4 shots to make a "grande" latte.

While your espresso is brewing, put your flavoring in the bottom of your mug. I use a packet of Truvia and a splash of vanilla. And if I'm not using already flavored coffee grounds, I may add a 1/2 tsp of cocoa. However, if you want it to taste more Starbucksy, you can buy flavored coffee syrups all over the internet, and at Target. If you go that route, put in about 2 Tablespoons of syrup.

Once your espresso is done brewing, pour it into your mug and stir it a little bit into the flavorings.

Next, you'll need to warm some milk. 1 cup is what you need . If you're using a machine, it will warm and froth the milk, but I use this little hand-held milk frother (found this on Amazon) and so I need to heat my milk in the microwave first. Not too much! you don't want it to boil. 1:40 is perfect in my microwave. Then use your frother until the milk just about doubles in size. (Follow the instructions on your machine or frother. It may take some practice.) If you don't have a frother yet, it's okay, just pour in your heated milk!

When you're done, pour the milk in on top of the espresso and add some froth!

Sprinkle on some cinnamon or sugar in the raw and there ya go! Done and done.

Oh and one more note on making espresso. I sometimes buy pre-ground espresso grounds and sometimes I buy beans and grind them myself. The grounds for a stove-top espresso maker don't need to be quite as fine as in a big machine, but finer than regular coffee grounds. (Also, don't tamp down the grounds for a stovetop maker.) However, I have been know to be lazy and used regular old coffee grounds in my moka pot. Maybe it wasn't quite as strong, but it tasted fine to me :) AND, if you don't yet have a way to make espresso, some really strong coffee will work for now.

For an iced latte, add the ingredients in the same order, but do not heat or froth the milk. Add the ice last, stir a little and enjoy!


  1. Here's to one moka pot lover from another moka pot lover! Cheers! (our coffee mugs CHINK)!


  2. This is evil.... Do I want to start drinking these again? YES!! Thanks for the recipe.