Friday, October 18, 2013

some dresses I never blogged

I never blogged this dress because I only wore it once ... because Casey did not like it! Grr. I really liked it, but his lack of enthusiasm had me rethinking it and I put it in the mending basket to maybe make something else from it. But, every time I looked at it, I still just really liked it! So I wore it yesterday and guess what? Casey liked it and couldn't remember ever seeing it before, as far as I could tell. Stinker!! I should have known. 

The pattern is McCall's 6744 and although it's a pattern for knits, I made this one out of a woven by cutting the bodice front on the bias. It worked great, although next time I'll go down a size on top. 

Here it is, worn three ways. (By the way, Layla took ALL these pictures. She does awesome, my little budding photographer, even if she thinks it's hilarious to get a close-up rear end shot every single time, haha).

Yesterday I wore it with a black cardigan:

 This is the dress just plain.
 You can see the top is a little baggy, which is why I'll go down a size next time. I always have this issue with patterns for knits that are Small, Medium, Large sizes. I always make a Medium and I always need to make a Small!!! Think I'd know by now.
 I do love a nice racerback!!

I then went digging in my closet for other things I could pair this dress with and remembered my pink wrap cardigan I made last Fall. In this pic I'm telling Layla to turn the camera long ways...
 ...then she got this. Ha!
A nice collection of cardigans in different colors and styles is the absolute best way to stretch your Summer wardrobe into the other seasons, in my opinion! 

This is another dress I made last Summer and surprise, surprise, was just too big (McCall's 6754, another pattern sized for knits!) I loved the colors of the stripes in this rayon knit fabric, though, so I didn't want to give up on it. I took it in and up and liked it better then, but mostly wanted to see what I could do with it in Fall. So I pulled it out and tried it with a knotted tee on top...
I have plans to make this pattern again, but the view with sleeves and maybe with a half circle skirt instead of full. 

I do have a trick for knotting a tee that doesn't have a lot of fabric to play with--just use a hair tie in the same color. It makes it easy and doesn't twist up and stretch out your shirt :) 


  1. When Opie (my 7 year old) takes my photos, I almost always have to tell him to turn the camera. :o)

    Your haircut is very cute! I like all the styling options you came up for your dresses. The pink cardigan might be my favorite. Oh and I thought I was the inventor of knotting a shirt with a hair tie! :o) Great minds...

  2. It's really cute!!! I made the other version of this dress and had to cut the top in a small! I cut the waist down in a medium. Those pattern companies and their enormous ease!

    1. Yes, the ease! It seems like they make patterns for knits with the same slopers as the ones for wovens.