Thursday, October 10, 2013

winter pattern picks

Is it weird that I stalk the sites of the big 4 pattern companies waiting for the season's latest patterns to come up? Not that JoAnn actually gets them for another month and usually the day after they are on sale, but I just love making my list anyway.

After I finish my last Halloween costume, I hope to squeeze some clothing sewing in between Christmas sewing projects (I'm excited about my Christmas sewing this year, I have some good stuff planned!)

Natalie's Renaissance princess costume is in progress...

On to patterns!
I thought the Simplicity and New Look offerings were pretty disappointing, but I thought the same about Simplicity's Fall line. What's with so many pajama patterns? I will grab one or two, but they seem p.j. heavy lately.

But, the McCall's are great! Here are the ones I'll get:

This is M6846. I like all views except the long one, that one's not my style. Love the cute details on the other views, though!

Next up, M6844. I love the peplum take on the drapey cardigan and I have the perfect sweater knit in my stash that will be great for this. 

Next, 6839. Hate this print, but like the back detail options for a knit top.
I will probably also get the p.j. pattern 6848, but I will not be making the romper--I think Casey would laugh at me, haha! This pattern is for wovens, not knits, which is why it stood out to me. I think I need some silk pajamas, for sure ;)
I won't get this one, but it is flippin' adorable.

And 6854. Natalie wants one of these.

As for Simplicity, I will probably only get 1501. What can I say, I really like making pajamas! Although, have you noticed how all pajama bottom pattern for kids and adults alike, are like Urkel pants?? On the pattern I use for the kids, I fold the top down two inches before I cut. And on the last pair I made for myself, I chopped 4 inches off the top!! And they still hit at my belly button! Weird.
I can't copy the image URL's on their site. Sorry.

What are your choices??


  1. The peplum cardigan was a winner immediately. I agree that this is a release that DEMANDS attention to the line drawing much more so than the cover image. 6839 has great line drawings and I also really like views A and D of 6833 and view B in a flowy (not stiff) fabric.

  2. Haha, I have always thought it was weird how high the pj waist is! I fold them down to cut too.

    I can't wait to see the peplum cardigan sewn up! I haven't looked at the patterns yet, but I'm going to JoAnn's tomorrow so I will look tonight. Mostly I want a retro Simplicity blouse that might have came out last Spring. I've been waiting for the $1 sale. :o)

  3. I'm tellin' ya: Club BMV. Pay the shipping and avoid Joann Frustration ;) Cute choices. BTW, I love the metallic animal print! What, pray tell, will my geriatric years look like?!

    1. I concede, that print would look awesome on either of you! I couldn't pull it off though ;)