Tuesday, October 29, 2013


We made it up to a pretty great pumpkin patch over the weekend. Unfortunately, every little activity cost money that we weren't willing to fork out. But we did pay a dollar each to take the tractor hayride to the pumpkins and that was fun :) Although, one of our children neglected to tell us he or she had to use the potty before we got on the hayride and so we had to pick our pumpkins pretty fast so that he or she did not pee his or her pants. Such is life ;)

We are going to carve them tonight. Carving pumpkins is something I only pretend to like doing because my kids get so much joy from it. But if it were up to me ... I just wouldn't. Haha! Do you have anything like that? 


  1. Nice pics! I hate making gingerbread houses/cookies but I still do it. Once in a while I rope my hubby into doing it....

  2. Gorgeous pics! I so dislike decorating (and especially un-decorating!) a Christmas tree. In fact, haven't done it for 4 or 5 years now; just enjoy everyone else' ;) This came up with a group of women just last week and they're at the same place regarding a tree and all those trimmings

  3. We paint our pumpkins. :o)