Friday, October 11, 2013

Rachael Ray

When we first got to Virginia, I bought the October edition of Every Day with Rachael Ray. I've long been a semi-fan and have used her recipes many times, but I always thought she was pretty heavy on the cheesey, breaded, fried, sugary food that I just don't eat. The magazine is still so much fun, though, that I took a chance on it and was very surprised at the change! I can eat so many of the yummy recipes in this edition, even being (mostly) Paleo! There's even a sweet potato shepherd's pie (no bread!) and some super yummy popcorn recipes, including PB&J and Lemon Poppy-corn (my kids will love these). I ear marked a bunch of things and have tried several.

She had a carrot raisin salad recipe that I made to take to a potluck at church on Sunday. (I actually couldn't find my magazine anywhere that weekend so I looked it up online). I received a nice compliment on it as I was packing it up to leave :)

I served the leftovers with egg salad for dinner the following night and then the next day, I used up what was left in some yummy wraps with deli turkey for my lunch. They were soooo goood!

I think this slaw would also be tasty on bbq pulled pork sandwiches--or in my case, a pile of bbq pulled pork, haha! Here is the recipe I used. Next time, I'll use less brown sugar. I think it does need a few tablespoons, but not a whole fourth of a cup. I also shredded my own carrots, a much cheaper way than buying bagged. Let me know if you try it! Also, any other ideas for your favorite lettuce wraps would be very welcome in the comments!

As for the magazine, I'm it's newest subscriber :)

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