Tuesday, May 29, 2012

yet another girls' room revamp

Remember my girls' lovely room? About a year ago, it looked like this:
Yeah, the awesome tent lasted a good couple of months. It really wasn't the kids' fault, the thing was just too dang heavy and I repaired it several times before giving up on it. *sigh* It was fun while it lasted. Then, the bed started falling apart. About a month ago, yet another slat holding the top mattress up there broke (while Casey was outta town, of course) so I had to haul that top mattress to the ground myself and Layla slept on the floor for awhile. We sold the bunk bed. I was not bummed, because what a pain it was!! Changing the sheets! Even singing to girl on top was hard!

So, I started painting the wooden day bed that was my cousin's growing up and I also started looking for another wooden bed on Craigslist. And I scored! After being too late on 4 other beds, I finally got one and for only $40.

So, here's that sneak peek painting project from my last post revealed!

I painted them a beautiful light turquoise color and love, love, love the new look! But, if I may say so myself, the quilts are really what make them great ;)  The girls are super excited too, after a few months on mattresses on the floor. They have actually made their beds every day! A novelty that will wear off soon, I'm sure :)

I have some ideas for wall art and toy storage, since the walls are pretty bare right now. I'll be sure and share the progress!

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  1. Very nice! I like the turquoise, it gives a nice pop without being too much!