Sunday, May 20, 2012

Take me to the tropics!

On Friday, I was in desperate need of a project. Casey had been outta town again and was coming home that evening and I knew the day would drag by if I didn't put my hands to something. So I dug through my stash and pulled out this gorgeous rayon print that was given to me awhile back. I'd been wanting to make the sleeveless version of Simplicity 2588 because my Easter dress turned out so well and is one of my favorite things I've made. This fabric was perfect. The last thing I made (a skirt--I'll share later) didn't turn out great, so I was so happy that this turned out beautifully!

I am more proud of this dress than most because look what I did to the back!!!

I added a keyhole! I'm not skilled in pattern alterations or design, so this is a big step for me. I practiced on some muslin to make sure it was going to work out and couldn't be happier! So glad I tried something new. I just love a good back feature. I really wanted this to be a "night on the town" type of dress, not another church dress (like I said, those are my specialty and I don't need any more!) so I made it a tad shorter than usual and added the fun keyhole. I love it. It's the best thing I've made in awhile. It also did a great job of keeping me busy (well, it and the kids ;) 'til Casey got home. Only one Nebraska trip left for him. Whew!

Mom and I made it to Denver Fabrics today!!! Love that place. I will be seriously bummed when we move away from here and I can't go there anymore! Luckily they have a great online clearance and sale section too, but still...  I'm excited to get started on some things! I'll take some pics of my haul tomorrow and share!


  1. Where is Denver fabric? Because the one I shop online with say their only a online store.

  2. Ooo look at you with the bag feature. It looks fab.

  3. so cute! i wish my latest dress sewing project worked out better than it did. :/

    in other news, LOVE your shoes! where are they from?

  4. Cute dress! Love your choice of fabric! Just discovered your blog and love what you sew.

  5. Wow - I am currently making this dress too and found your blog when I was looking at reviews on the Sewing Pattern Review website.
    I love your choice of fabric and think the fit looks great too.
    I'll also be blogging about my progress with this pattern ( and will also link to your blog as I think it's great :D
    Thanks for sharing your experiences as I'm feeling VERY inspired.


  6. Just stumbled upon your blog today. Very pretty dress and I love Denver Fabrics too! I live about 5 Miles away from the store....
    To Tina, Denver Fabrics is in Denver on Belleview Ave right after Santa Fe. It's a pretty big store. They do not have anything to do with the online store. They used to but sold the online business including the name of the website.