Friday, June 1, 2012

I have an idea!

I took a meal to a young couple today because she's recovering from surgery. But, as much as I want to help (and food is a great, tangible way to help!) I struggle with what to make! I came up with something good, I think, but I need more ideas. I'm so not a casserole person and so thinking outside the one-dish-meal, what good "delivery" meals do YOU have as go-to's? Wanna share?? I'll give you a few days to think about it, then we'll have a little link-up party here on my blog. Sound fun?? Good! Think about what meals you've delivered in the past or what recipes you would make if you get the chance and share it with us! How's next Tuesday sound? Good?? Good :)  Spread the word! I'd love to have a button for you to grab and share, but since Picnik shut down, that is no longer my area of expertise. If you want to make one for me, though, I wouldn't say no, ha!

In other news, this kid has been rather more mischievous the usual (and his usual is already very mischievous!)  I pray daily for added grace and patience to get through a day with the Kelby Monster. He's not naughty, he's just very, very, VERY BUSY! He never quits. And he thinks his ideas are better than mine :) But, he is beyond precious and I love him oh, so much, for keeping me on my toes and being part of the sanctification process in me, just like all kids are in some way, right?

This morning I was getting dressed and Layla came up to tell me that Kelby had spilled the salt all over the floor. Then the car alarm started going off because he had gotten my keys (after he tried to clean up the salt, which only made it worse). Then, he later told me he had found my Tic-Tacs, eaten them all, then spit them out and put them back. Ew! So glad he told me. Those are my Kelby Funnies for the day.

Be thinking about your meal delivery recipes! I can't wait!!


  1. Chicken and dumplings is one of my go-to's for delivery. Add some veggies or salad as a side dish, maybe some rolls.

    Another of my go-to's is chicken marinaded in Italian dressing then baked or grilled. Mashed potatoes and green beans on the side.


    I love this freezer meal for gifting. It's super easy and if they have fresh meals that need to be made right away this can sit in the freezer a few weeks even.

    I am just finding you and i love your garments - so inspiring!