Monday, May 7, 2012

Vogue's newest convert

Can you believe I've never sewn a Vogue pattern before?? I think I'm just way too cheap. When other patterns go on sale for 99 cents, it's tough to pay Vogue's sale price of $4, ya know? Well, regardless of how I feel about their newest line (not good), I tried out an older pattern, after seeing some pretty great versions of it online. Here's my new dress!
 It's Vogue 8685. Isn't this a beautiful knit!? I was pretty hesitant about that yolk piece across my gut, but it's actually really flattering! But, having birthed three babies, I'm ever-conscious of said gut, so I would omit the yolk next time, to avoid the need for Spanx :)

But, wait, there already was a next time! Right after I finished the above dress, I cut out the next one. I had bought this awesome border print knit with a maxi dress in mind, but there wasn't enough for that, so in the fabric closet it went. I knew it would be great for this pattern, though. The bodice is so comfortable, so I made the same bodice and just cut a rectangular skirt, gathering it in the front and back. Love it! This is a more casual version and so it's sure to get a lot of wear!

While browsing the Butterick site this morning (they're going on sale soon!), I discovered Marfy patterns, newly added to the McCall's/Butterick/Vogue site. I've never seen these before!! They're expensive! But, OH, they have some amazing designs!
Like this one:
And this one:
And WOW, this one!

I was starting to get really excited! And hoping that since they're on the McCall's site, maybe they'll show up at JoAnn someday?? But, then I clicked on a "more info" link and read that these are Italian designs with NO seam allowances and NO INSTRUCTIONS!! For advanced sewists only. I consider myself advanced, but some of these have very unique design elements, so I guess I'm not that advanced. I could probably tackle some of the simpler ones, but what I liked about them were the un-simple ones. Oh, well. Have any of you made a Marfy before?? Please, do tell!


  1. Wow, both dresses are uniquely gorgeous! Your fabric choices are wonderful. As for a Marfy, I made a jacket, a few years ago, and was not as bad as I thought. It was like a puzzle, figuring things out without directions, but guided by the shapes of the pieces. I felt I was relying on my experience from sewing previous shirts and jackets. Once you sewed a Marfy successfully, you become inspired to tackle more.

  2. I love your dresses! I'd wear them right away!