Thursday, June 9, 2011

tired of these yet?

I know. Can I make anything that's not a dress?? Lately, it doesn't appear so. Although, I bought some awesome knits today and have some shirts in the works. But, what can I say, I loooove dresses in the Summer!

I made this one last week and wore it to church and most of the day on Sunday.
I used Simplicity 2177 and it's a winner, I will likely make it again. Very comfortable and I really like the narrower cut of the shoulders.
The triangular detail on the bodice is pretty cool. Here's a close-up of mine, but I think it would be extra cool in a stripe!

Because I've been making so many clothes lately, I've discovered some great clothing-sewing sites that I want to pass along to you!

  1.  I know this one's been around for a long time, but I only recently discovered its value. Whenever I embark on a project, I can first read and see pics of what other people have made with a pattern.  Great resource
  2. Fake it While you Make it This gal's blog has some great show-and-tell clothing projects! I've been inspired by her creations a several times. 
  3. Green Apples This lovely lady makes some beautiful things, mostly dresses. See, I'm not the only one ;)
  4. Idle Fancy I literally just discovered this blog today, but I can't wait to explore some more! 
Pinterest has been a great inspiration too! What FUN Pinterest is! You can find my small-but-growing style board here

Happy sewing! :)

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  1. New to your blog :) Found this pick on Flickr and I'm excited to see that pattern in action. The dress looks beautiful on you! Where oh where did you find that fabric? Fun to "meet" a Christian sister :)