Thursday, June 23, 2011

More on knits

Yesterday I wore a dress I made last week and felt fabulous in it all day! I got Casey to take some pictures and even though he was standing downhill from me, which doesn't get my most flattering angle, I am posting them anyway ;)
This is a Cynthia Rowley pattern, Simplicity 2443, which I've actually made before.  The first time, though, I made it too big so even though I loved the fabric, I just didn't feel great in it. This time, I made the right size, left out the interfacing and the zipper, both things I feel are unnecessary in an easy summer knit dress! I especially love the racer back:
Again, not the greatest angle, but I've recently read some posts about fashion blogging and body image which have impacted my thoughts about what I look like in pictures! If you're interested, you can find these posts, here, and here.

More on sewing with knits, though: I do not have a serger, so i would like you to know that knits can be sewn with a regular machine! I have discovered that both a stretch/ballpoint needle and a walking foot make all the difference. Also, I use double-stitched seams for a finished look. Just sew your seam and sew again a 1/4" inside the seam, then trim. Very nice :) This also prevents pesky rolling problems on your seam allowances.

In other news, my little girl is officially a big girl because she now has a big girl bike! Recently Layla learned to ride Natalie's bike and so I found her one of her own on Craigslist.
Such a pretty little thing :) I'm taking this one out on a date today, I can't wait!


  1. Glad you addressed sewing knits without a serger. That's what's been keeping me from trying. Cute dress! Love your projects!!