Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Random Summer Goings-On

We have been busy doing Summer things--I'm doing more Summer sewing (pics to come!), we are getting our deck redone, we are planning some Summer parties and the kids and I have gone to the zoo a few times and the pool a few times, etc...  That's not all, though! I have been SUPER busy with my own school work, since I doubled up on my classes for the Summer so that I can finish this degree before next homeschooling year begins! It has been a lot of work and sometimes what I have to do (researching politicians' Twitter pages) must take precedence over what I want to do. But, as I was reminded by two different people yesterday, this is only for a season. Thankfully, I'll still have a whole month of Summer break to enjoy after I finish my last class in the very beginning of August!

In the meantime, we'll stay close to home :)

Natalie helping Daddy mow...in a Princess dress, of course.
I love mowing days--because the kids go "help" and I get the house to myself. I'm pretty sure it's the only time I get the house to myself!

My baby roses finally bloomed! And then this morning, Layla picked the blooms off. Erg. It's okay, there are lots more buds.


I inherited a few vintage embroidered tea towels this weekend. I think this is HILARIOUS!
How about a pipe with that laundry? HA! So funny.


  1. well, rumor has it that some do laundry and beer...pipe? beer? Whatever gets one through the piles :D

  2. It is nice to see summer on your blog! Living in San Francisco, this is the only time of year I wish I was somewhere else. Somewher WARM! :)

  3. How timely that I'm reading this post now... I just sent my kids out to help daddy mow! Should get back to cleaning up from dinner now though...but blog hopping is so much more fun.

  4. This summer is very nice and picture very beautiful. Thanks for sharing.