Sunday, June 26, 2011


I feel myself coming out of a bit of a fog. Maybe because it's Summer, maybe because I am almost done with my degree (whew!), but whatever the case, I am so inspired lately! I suddenly want to resume cooking good food while dancing with the kids to good music, I want to cut flowers for the table every time something new sprouts up, I've been reading to the kids on the front lawn with our picnic quilt under the tree and I'm eager to collect ideas for my sewing room.  I'm just thankful for the ease of my schoolwork and the ease of my mind and for the time to enjoy my days again, without the anxiety of deadlines and change and the inevitable, but still hard fluidity of friendships.

Here are some things that have been a bit inspiring to me. I hope they inspire you too!

I spotted this magazine for the first time in Barnes & Noble yesterday and snatched it right up. It's European, so a bit pricier than most, but it is rich in quality! I want to read every page and try lots of the ideas!
  • Thrifting! I went to my favorite thrift shop today for some time out alone and found some great treasures. Kids books at Savers are only 69 cents, so I got a great stack of those (I find myself avoiding Disney stories, when it comes to books these days. Anyone else? Have we had enough?) I also found this awesome globe from the 60's. Well the cashier said 70's, but it looks 60's to me. 
I also scored those dry-erase boards. There was a huge stack of them, so I bought four. And the binder will be my new home notebook :)
AND, this vintage cotton fabric:
It feels very similar to the vintage cotton I made this skirt out of, of which I promised a picture :)
  • Fresh food!!! Fresh homemade pizza, specifically :)  Have you ever made pizza in cast iron? Because it's fabulous AND the crust cooks so much more easily!  Last night my friend Amanda and I put this concoction together and I just enjoyed the leftovers an hour ago. Yummmmmm. 
Ingredients: Butter/garlic sauce, tomatoes, feta, onions, cilantro, roasted red peppers and salt and pepper. 
  •  Finally, how can this guy not be inspiring?? He keeps my creative juices flowing in a very different way, ha!

What's inspiring YOU lately??

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  1. No inspiration to share... Just this...

    I love you and I love our friendship! You are a gift of God to me and I cherish everything that we have been through and are yet to go through together. You bless me just for being you.