Tuesday, June 21, 2011


I have been sewing some very versatile pieces lately and guess what... they're not dresses, ha! Annnnnd, I'm happy to say, I am no longer afraid of knits. I ain't skeered!

First off, I tried on a white version of a little cardigan like this at a store which shall remain nameless.  It was $40 though, so I was very hesitant to buy it until I noticed a tiny hole under the arm (which I could fix easily). So, I thought, YAY! they'll give me a damage discount! (It was the only one left in that size). But, no! She said she wasn't allowed to sell damaged merchandise, but I could buy it for regular price. Dumb! But, it's okay, because shortly thereafter, I found this pattern:

I found this super-soft pink knit at Denver fabrics and made this!
I did make a couple of changes--rather than hemming the front band piece that acts as a sort of scarf around it, I folded it in half length-wise and sewed it on that way instead. I thought doing a narrow hem would look homemade and I also didn't really want a huge scarf around my neck on a summer cardi. Also, I added some ties to the sides because that's what I loved so much about the one I tried on in the store.  It just gave it more shape than others I've seen in this style. Above, they're tied behind, but they can also tie in the front:
It's wrinkled because I took it off when I was sewing the other day and then sat on it for about an hour, haha.

A few months ago, I was at a thrift store and while picking through the bagged fabrics, I came across a nice piece of stretch denim, tossed in with an unknown black piece. I've yet to use the stretch denim, but the black turned out to be a fabulous heavier-weight knit, which I turned into a very cute and very goes-with-everything-or-for-any-occasion skirt! (I think Casey might be tired of taking pics of me on the front porch, so sorry for the hanger pictures ;)
This is not a pattern, I just winged it. Basically, use your hip measurement as a guide. I loooove the yoga style waste band. This piece of wide elastic started out in a pair of maternity pants, was repurposed in a maternity skirt that I made and now is still surviving inside this skirt! I can see myself getting a LOT of use out of this one!

I also discovered a perfect and very versatile pencil skirt pattern that I'm sure to use a lot in the future! It's Simplicity 2258 and I used a vintage cotton that reminds me of I-Love-Lucy, which I got from the blessed older lady at church :)
This picture doesn't do it much justice, but I'll try to have Casey take a pic when I'm wearing it soon. I love the pockets!
I'll definitely be making more versions of this--may be a good use for the aforementioned stretch denim! The fit is perfect on me, so the possibilities are endless. I really want to make some cute around-the-house pants out of view D.
P.S. I did add a little length (3 inches), as the skirt in the photo is a bit short for hanging with the kids purposes :) 

Hope you're all having a fabulous week! :)


  1. love the cardigan! wish i had more time to sew. :)

    i've been meaning to tell you about this project called 'we made this' at the african community center in denver. it's a job training program for refugee women from around the world who come to learn to sew- if you have extra fabric or time or patterns or ideas to donate, i'm sure they would LOVE to have you!

  2. You are doing an awesome job on your wardrobe! I still have to find the guts to even consider working with knits.

  3. I LOVE reading your blog! I always find the cutest patterns on here. I have been sticking to the same pattern and making a hundred shirts from it but I love that you are sewing so much different things. Thanks for sharing! :)