Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Kelby is a lazy potty trainer.  Yesterday I realized he needs some better incentive than just a Gummi Octopus (yes, it's exactly what it sounds like and they are a little squiggly going down) so I made him a potty chart. When he gets a sticker in every square, we will go see Cars 2--if it's still in theaters by then!

While I was at it, I decided to make Natalie one for reading, hoping to give a her a little nudge to even want to try reading.  And, whadayaknow, it is totally working!! She has read 6 books already and I got a bunch more at the library last night! This is big, because she is super smart, but has been a rather reticent reader, so I am very happy, as one who can't imagine not loving to read!
When she fills up her chart, we will go to the Disney Store. If I'd known she would fill it up so quickly, I probably would have put more than 14 squares ;)

Well, the girls think the chart making is pretty cool, so they proceeded to make Layla one and me a "Sewing Chart". When I finish something, I get a sticker.
Aw, adorable. But, that's a lot of squares, I don't think I'll be earning my prize anytime soon. Although, they let me put a sticker on for finishing half the quilting on this baby:
I finished the horizontal lines yesterday and hope to finish the rest in the next couple of days because I have lots I want to sew and I refuse to start anything new until this monster is quilted!!

Here's what I decided on for the back:
The red is a huge piece of vintage cotton from the lady at church. It wasn't quite big enough so I had to supplement with a couple of Denise Schmidt prints from my stash.  I think it will look very cool folded down on a bed :)  Casey is super happy about this quilt because it's longer than he is--finally one he can stretch out under!


  1. What's your treat for getting your chart filled?

  2. I LOVE LOVE your quilt!!The backing looks great too! :o) And the charts are a great idea to get the rusults you want,lol! I remember the days of potty wars, my boys were harder to train than the girls were. My youngest son was FIVE!! Amie in Tn. ;O)

  3. This chart design wonderful.Looking very colorful. Thanks for sharing.